An Anniversary with Celebration

An Anniversary without Celebration

On February 25 of last year, SIBI made an appeal on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who were facing a momentous challenge. We began collecting funds to help the churches and Christians in Ukraine continue to minister and continue to train others to minister. From that first day, God's people have responded to this appeal— Christians around the world have prayed and sent in money, and Christians in and around Ukraine have showed God's love and continued to preach the gospel as they met people's physical needs. 

Recently Tim Burow, president of SIBI, gave an update on the progress of the aid supplied and the goals for building God's kingdom.

Please take 15 minutes to watch what God has done and what he is continuing to do through our partnership together.

Due to our broad and systematic commitments in Ukraine, we do not have the personnel available to respond to the crisis in Turkey and Syria. We do have ministry partners who are already engaged in this process. If you want to help the victims of the recent earthquake, please consider contacting Healing Hands International.

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