Covering Ukraine with Prayers and Love, Food and Warmth

Praying over the food sent to Ukraine

Almost 1,000,000 Meals Headed to Ukraine

Food shipped to Ukraine

Another 1,000,000 to be Sent Soon with Coats, Blankets, and More

On September 7, SIBI sent almost 1,000,000 meals to Ukraine. With the help of Breedlove Foods and Global Samaritan, SIBI was able to send the meals which will be delivered by a network of Ukrainian Bible Institute alumni and churches throughout Ukraine. Breedlove Foods, based in Lubbock, Texas, provides dehydrated meals around the world through partnerships with organizations like USAID. The meals provide a full serving of nutrition. Each 2-pound bag mixes with 8 cups of boiling water to make enough food for 50 servings. Global Samaritan is an Abilene-based group that provided the logistical support to assist SIBI in getting the shipping container where it needs to be in Ukraine. Please pray that the container will reach its intended destination in early October.

Handing out supplies in Ukraine

Help for the Bitter Winter

Winters in Ukraine are bitterly cold; the average high temperature in Kyiv is 32 degrees during December. Millions living in Ukraine have lost everything in this war. They are living as best they can, but heating and warmth for this winter is a growing concern.

To help alleviate this concern, SIBI is sending two more containers in October that should reach the people of Ukraine in time to the worst of the weather. In addition to more food, these containers will have sleeping bags, blankets, coats, socks, and gloves.

Richard Baggett and Ukrainian Christians are forming a network of Ukrainian Bible Institute alumni and churches who will distribute the aid so that the name of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed among the hurting. It is a blessing to have such a trusted network of people who are committed to spreading the gospel and use this aid to meet the needs of those hurting from the war.

How You Can Help


  • Pray that the containers will reach the people in time for winter. Pray that this will continue to open doors for the Gospel to be preached.
  • Pray for an end to this war and the loss of life.


  • Give so that Ukrainians will know they have the love and warmth of God. You can help SIBI in our efforts to provide supplies that will be vital to the survival of millions of people during the approaching winter.
    Donations can be sent 1) online at the link below, 2) by text to “Ukraine” to 806-203-7424, or 3) by mail to SIBI at the address below with a designation for Global Relief Ministry.


  • Tell others how they can Cover Ukraine with Love.
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