Full-time Pulpit Minister

Signal Mountain Church of Christ



Pulpit Minister- Desired Role and Qualifications

The Signal Mountain Church of Christ is looking for a full-time pulpit minister. Our long-time minister is retiring after faithfully serving our family for over 25 years. We are a congregation of around 140 in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, located 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga and ranked as one of Tennessee’s best towns to live. Our congregation is founded on strong faith in the Bible as the inspired word of GOD and is age-diverse with many young families through older saints. We are a financially-stable congregation with 5 men who serve as elders and over a dozen deacons. Our community is very family-oriented.

We seek a minister who loves the word of GOD and is an effective presenter of His word with a passion for sharing the gospel. He should be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, mature, experienced in ministry, able to engage with all ages in our congregation, enthusiastic, encouraging, and involved with our community.

Preferences include minimum bachelor’s degree (preferably Bible or ministry) or equivalent experience, preferably 5+ years’ full-time ministry experience, a family man, and mission-minded.

Responsibilities will include full-time pulpit Bible-based preaching and teaching; providing Biblical and spiritual guidance to the congregation and the community; working with our youth/family minister, deacons, and staff under the leadership of our elders; evangelism; ministering to members as needed; and other ministry duties to equip the saints for the work of ministry to build up the body of Christ.

Interested applicants may submit resumes to info@signalcoc.org. All inquires will be kept confidential.
Website- Signal Mountain Church of Christ- Seeking, Saving & Serving (https://signalcoc.org/)

Youth and Family Minister

Joelton Church of Christ

Joelton Church of Christ
Job Description: Youth and Family Minister

Job Description and Responsibilities:
The Youth and Family Minister will tend to the spiritual needs of Joelton church families, young and old. The Y&FM is responsible for the development and implementation of Christ-centered programs, activities and educational aspects related to the Joelton Children’s Ministry (JCM - birth through 6th grade) and the Joelton Youth Group (JYG - grades 7-12). The Y&FM will encourage our parents and volunteers to display a warm, loving environment where biblical truths are learned and where Christian relationships are formed. In addition to job functions below, there will also be opportunities for worship leading and preaching.

• Growing relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by action, attitude, and behavior.
• Ability to fully embrace the Biblical values and beliefs of the Lord’s church in Joelton.
• Experience working with children and teens in various capacities.
• Warm, encouraging personality that connects well with children and teens.
• Reliable, trustworthy, self-starter, and excellent at following through on details.
• Possessing strong interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain healthy and motivating relationship with Joelton elders, ministry volunteers and parents.
• Visitation of members of the congregation that may extend beyond the youth/children’s ministry to maintain spiritually based relationships.

• Provide leadership to the JCM and JYG team of volunteers.
• Work with local church ministers on collaborative events
• Teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays primarily in JYG.
• Works with leadership to develop vision and implementation for the Joelton Youth Committee.
• Maintain detailed roster information regarding children, teens and their families. Roster information to include contact information, typical attendance patterns and notes regarding spiritual development of program participants.
• Oversee the selection and implementation of curriculum for JCM and JYG.
• Maintain effective communications and promotions to keep elders, staff, volunteers and families informed. (e.g.: create & maintain calendar of events, e-mail newsletter, etc.)
• Responsible for all coordination and staffing of JCM and JYG teachers and other volunteers (birth through 12th grade).
• Manage communications between all ministries that interact with JCM and JYG (e.g.: Kids Zone, J-Town etc.)
• Develop and implement all safety and security processes for JCM and JYG. (e.g.: check-in, check-out procedures, appropriate adult supervision at all events, etc.)

Pulpit Minister

McEwen church of Christ

The McEwen church of Christ has a job opening for our pulpit minister position. McEwen is a loving and caring congregation striving to be disciples of Christ and to spread the gospel to all nations. We average around 180 each Sunday with a mix of young and old. We have a strong youth group with a full-time youth minister. Pay will be very competitive with congregations our size. Housing is also available. A bachelor's degree in bible is preferred but not a must. Some office hours and visitation will be required.

McEwen is in a great location, only about an hour west of Nashville.
For more information regarding this opening please contact Keith Grigsby by email at landkgrigsby@hotmail.com


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