Thank You from Ukraine

Though the war in Ukraine continues to bring so much turmoil, God's church is providing light and keeping hope alive for over 6,000 people each day.

Give to keep providing hope to Ukraine.

SIBI will continue to:

Graduate Sermon Symposium

Graduate Sermon Symposium

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An Anniversary with Celebration

An Anniversary without Celebration

Remember Ukrainian Christians During the Holidays

The three shipping containers filled with food and winter clothes arrived and have provided much needed relief to the people of Ukraine. The churches and Christians have worked hours and driven thousands of miles to distribute the food and items from the containers to hurting Ukrainians.

Solar Update - November 2022

New church in NigeriaNew Church Planted With 33 Conversions from a Solar Player

Covering Ukraine with Prayers and Love, Food and Warmth

Praying over the food sent to Ukraine

Almost 1,000,000 Meals Headed to Ukraine

Food shipped to Ukraine

Come Before Winter

Responding to the Pressing Needs of Ukrainian Christians

Children displaced by the war

God's People Shine the Light Through Six Months of War

The Disruption of Lives

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than six months. Ukrainian refugees and those who have remained in Ukraine still live in a world of constant disruption and destruction. But in the face of this suffering, God's people have responded with love.

Solar Update - August 2022

Bringing Smiles to Hundreds in Africa

God's Love Continues

Brothers ministering at a nursing home after delivering necessities.


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