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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Pulpit Minister

Keller Church of Christ

TX - The Keller church of Christ in Keller, Texas is currently looking for a pulpit minister. This man will be responsible for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching to the Keller congregation and the people of our community. Keller is a growing suburb 15 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas. The congregation averages roughly 350 individuals on a Sunday morning and includes a thriving youth group, a flourishing group of young families, and a very active seniors ministry. The pulpit minister will serve alongside an existing youth minister and an outreach minister and will ideally have at least 15 years of ministry experience. Interested applicants should reach out to Nathan Goodnight at nathan.goodnight@kellercofc.org.

Youth and Family Minister

Joelton Church of Christ

Joelton Church of Christ
Job Description: Youth and Family Minister

Job Description and Responsibilities:
The Youth and Family Minister will tend to the spiritual needs of Joelton church families, young and old. The Y&FM is responsible for the development and implementation of Christ-centered programs, activities and educational aspects related to the Joelton Children’s Ministry (JCM - birth through 6th grade) and the Joelton Youth Group (JYG - grades 7-12). The Y&FM will encourage our parents and volunteers to display a warm, loving environment where biblical truths are learned and where Christian relationships are formed. In addition to job functions below, there will also be opportunities for worship leading and preaching.

• Growing relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by action, attitude, and behavior.
• Ability to fully embrace the Biblical values and beliefs of the Lord’s church in Joelton.
• Experience working with children and teens in various capacities.
• Warm, encouraging personality that connects well with children and teens.
• Reliable, trustworthy, self-starter, and excellent at following through on details.
• Possessing strong interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain healthy and motivating relationship with Joelton elders, ministry volunteers and parents.
• Visitation of members of the congregation that may extend beyond the youth/children’s ministry to maintain spiritually based relationships.

• Provide leadership to the JCM and JYG team of volunteers.
• Work with local church ministers on collaborative events
• Teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays primarily in JYG.
• Works with leadership to develop vision and implementation for the Joelton Youth Committee.
• Maintain detailed roster information regarding children, teens and their families. Roster information to include contact information, typical attendance patterns and notes regarding spiritual development of program participants.
• Oversee the selection and implementation of curriculum for JCM and JYG.
• Maintain effective communications and promotions to keep elders, staff, volunteers and families informed. (e.g.: create & maintain calendar of events, e-mail newsletter, etc.)
• Responsible for all coordination and staffing of JCM and JYG teachers and other volunteers (birth through 12th grade).
• Manage communications between all ministries that interact with JCM and JYG (e.g.: Kids Zone, J-Town etc.)
• Develop and implement all safety and security processes for JCM and JYG. (e.g.: check-in, check-out procedures, appropriate adult supervision at all events, etc.)

Full-Time Pulpit Minister

Falls Church Church of Christ


To minister to the Falls Church congregation, specifically on preaching the Word to the community and those living in the surrounding area. To develop a continuing program of work that emphasizes teaching God’s Word, living by the Spirit, and encouraging others. This program will support the overall mission, vision, and goals of the Falls Church congregation.

1. That each member is committed to Jesus and His teachings
2. That each member is involved in wholesome activities in a spirit of fellowship
3. That each member receives appropriate instruction for leadership in God’s kingdom
4. That each member be molded into a working, serving, and growing Christian


Items A - H should comprise 75% of the minister’s time.

A. Work under the oversight and direction of the elders.
B. Provide the leadership and motivation to involve every church member in some aspect of the church’s local work.
C. In coordination with the Education Committee, develop a program of teaching and preaching, including specific objectives to meet the congregation’s goals.
D. Present positive, challenging, and motivating sermons to preach during the regular assemblies of the Church of Christ in Falls Church congregation except at such times as the Elders approve guest speakers, during attendance at continuing education events, during vacations, or during periods of illness.
E. Teach a class on Sundays and Wednesdays as requested by the Education Committee.
F. Promote and encourage all the ministries of the Church of Christ in Falls Church congregation.
G. Develop and lead a new program designed to increase the public profile of the congregation and reach non-believers in the surrounding community.
H. Ensure the strengthening and spiritual growth of the Falls Church congregation takes precedence over outside commitments.

Items I - K should comprise 25% of the minister’s time.

I. Perform pastoral duties -- visit members in their homes, when hospitalized, or as other special needs may arise -- to strengthen and enhance the spiritual ties uniting our membership
J. Meet and participate with the Elders at all regular meetings.
K. Supervise all church staff, including the associate minister and the secretary (making sure someone is in the office during office hours), prepare and administer the office operational budget, and maintain regular office hours.

Full-Time Pulpit Minister

Owensville Church Of Christ

Tne OWENSVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST in Owensville Missouri is seeking someone to partner with our loving, family oriented church family as a full-time pulpit minister. We are looking for someone to preach the truth in love, is vibrant, outgoing, willing to teach teen or adult Bible classes and wants to interact with our church family not just inside our church building but in their daily lives.
We Have 4 Elders And 3 Deacons
We Have About 65 Sunday Morning Attendance
Owensville Has A Population Of 2700

Email resumes and references to cofc@outlook.com or call 573-437-6250 for more information

Youth Minister (Full-Time Immediate Opening)

New Smyrna Beach Church of Christ


New Smyrna Beach, located on the FUN COAST of Florida, is a highly desirable location to live. Including its neighboring town of Edgewater, there is a population of approximately 55,000. We are just 40 miles north of Kennedy Space Center, about 50 miles northeast of Orlando, and 15 miles south of Daytona Beach. The church relocated and built a new building on 12 acres of land where we held our first Sunday Service on September 11, 2011. The church of Christ in New Smyrna Beach wants to focus on attracting younger families with children. The congregation is looking for a younger man with young children who has the energy and enthusiasm to build a youth group in the congregation, leading them in Lad to Leaders, campfire devotionals, and other activities that build devotion to God, family, community, and each other. His duties would be to get involved with the community youth activities to create awareness and visibility of the Church of Christ and create programs within the church that would attract youth and their families to hear the Word of God. Initially, in addition to youth outreach, he would be expected to teach during normal church service hours and to preach occasionally. The ideal candidate would be between 25-40 years old, married with younger children, and whose wife is excited to participate in teaching children and ladies' classes and being a leader of women. He would be a graduate of one of the church's Christian Colleges or Schools of Preaching and have 5 years of experience and references that can attest to the qualifications of this candidate and his family. Please see our website which contains more information about the congregation.
Compensation is $65,000 -$80,000 depending on experience

If interested please contact
Ted Kuzma
email: tedkuzma5@gmail.com


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