External Studies

External Studies Building

For over 40 years, the External Studies department of SIBI has used the proven method of "distance learning" to teach and reach people hungry for the word of God. SIBI External Studies provides a wide range of services to meet the ever-growing demand of providing churches with sound, effective, in-depth Bible study materials. This division is responsible for the mass production of books, study guides, videos/DVDs, and audio programs that help countless souls worldwide study the Bible in-depth.

The courses and materials offered by SIBI External Studies are carefully designed and crafted to meet the need for training biblically knowledgeable Christians and reaching the lost with the gospel. Our courses and resources can be used for casual study, and 40 of our video and audio course studies can be taken by individual distance learning students for SIBI credit, toward a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree. To date, over 150 students have graduated from SIBI through our External Studies program. Alternately, credits gained through distance learning can be transferred into the residential school for those who might want to complete their studies in the classroom at SIBI. Whether taken for SIBI credit or just for personal growth and enrichment, these resources for individuals and churches become a permanent addition to their libraries, and can be used by generations to come!


An integral part of the External Studies ministry is the 110 Satellite Schools that have been implemented around the world. This number continues to grow steadily. Satellite School students may study toward a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree in states which recognize our degree program or toward a Certificate of Biblical Studies where degree credit is not authorized. A Satellite School uses the video curriculum to teach people the message of the Bible, equipping a community of Bible students for personal growth and service to others. The impact of this ministry is significant because individuals and churches are being spiritually matured. A lifetime of service is to be accompanied by a lifelong dedication to learning. Because the task is so great and the consequences eternal, gaining Bible knowledge should never end.

SIBI also offers courses on the Internet. We are merging timeless truth with modern technology to teach countless numbers of people. Our online learning website makes it possible for students to connect and access Sunset courses online. All a student needs is email and internet access. Samples of all courses are available online for free viewing. The internet makes it possible for us to meet the needs of a large and growing student body, while at the same time, using financial resources in an effective way.

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