Sunset Alumni Bachelor's Program

Have you ever said,

“Someday I’ll get my degree?”

Good news! Now you can!

Through a new degree program at Sunset International Bible Institute, you can receive a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree and qualify to enter a Master of Biblical Studies program.  

Graduates Recieving their Bachelor Degrees

Sunset's Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree is a religious degree focused on Biblical studies and Christian ministry. It is a statement to churches, Christian organizations and to congregational leaders that the holder of a degree from Sunset has achieved a high level of knowledge and training and has earned the degree designation. Our degree program is designed to equip students to teach the whole counsel of God and to effectively participate in a variety of ministry applications.

Since Sunset is a single purpose professional institute of ministry, our degrees reflect our uniqueness. We don’t want to misrepresent the nature, scope, and substance of our degree program. We are committed to preparing students for ONE THING: Ministry in the Lord’s church. Since our program is an intensive academic and practical study of the Bible and related ministry subjects it does not include a liberal arts component. Sunset International Bible Institute is not seeking regional accreditation but it is widely recognized among Churches of Christ as a quality ministry training school. Our degree program is authorized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

We currently offer a bachelor’s and master's degree in biblical studies. 

Action Time

Right NOW would be the best time to apply now and get started on your Biblical studies degree program. Alumni can apply online to find out what will be needed to qualify for a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Sunset.

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Earn a Quality Master's Degree in Bible for Under $3,000 without Leaving Your Ministry