Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

Early in Sunset’s ministry, we saw that there is much value in women being trained and equipped for ministry. Since that time Sunset has dramatically grown in providing biblically sound, well-equipped women. This makes Sunset one of the only ministry training schools in our brotherhood that offers an emphasis focusing on women. Here at Sunset, we feel the same responsibility to prepare our women, just as deeply as we do our men. Women share in the same commands to “go into all the world”, just as much as their male counterparts. How can we minister to our neighbors, congregations, and the world, without women doing their part?

Whether married or single, women are vital for the Kingdom to continue to grow, just as they were during the time of Christ. Many women serving the Lord today are doing innovative and effective ministries around the world. At Sunset, it is our prayer and goal to train godly women to be better equipped for a life in ministry.

Ladies SupperWomen who attend Sunset are offered the opportunity to complete one of two certifications.  She can either choose to take our Women’s Bachelor of Biblical Studies (48 courses) or our  Women’s Associates Program (28 courses).

The Associate Biblical Studies program is a popular option for women who study at SIBI. This part-time course of study is a great balance for women who need to work part-time or who are raising children. This program consists of twenty courses including four standard major field courses.

Public Speaking

PS 1
Basic introduction to public speaking.
PS 2
Building skills to give a short, biographical lesson.
PS 3
Learning to prepare and facilitate a small group class/study.
PS 4
Building skills to give a topical lesson.
PS 5
Learning how to study the Bible through exegetical methods.
PS 6
In this class, the results of learning how to study exegetically are put into practice as the students prepare and present a lesson based on what they studied in public speaking 5. 
PS 7
This class gives the student an opportunity to participate in a simple, impromptu presentation. 
PS 8 Senior Presentation/Effective Women's Ministry 3
These classes are combined in order to prepare for each student's senior lesson.

Women's Emphasis Classes

Gracious Hospitality
This course allows the student to learn basic cooking skills, but much more importantly gives insight into why God expects this blessing of fellowship and the beautiful results of this ministry toward others.
Essentials in Ministry
This is a “resource-based” class with various teachers.  The purpose of this class is to look at areas of ministry that most minister’s wives, female interns, and/or teammates of a mission team experience.
Effective Parenting
This class is designed to not only cover healthy and biblical parenting for the student but for the people she will be encountering throughout her ministry.
Effective Women’s Ministry I
Introduction to becoming a more healthy woman of God – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Effective Women's Ministry II
Continued studies from Effective Women’s Ministry I with several out of class, “hands-on” assignments.  We also learn what healthy “boundaries” should look like in our lives as well as in the lives of those in which we minister.
Women in the Church
What is God’s plan and design in the Church for women?  This class looks at the many facets of women in both biblical and world history. The design of this course will help inform and give answers.
Effective Women's Ministry 3/PS 8 Senior Presentation
Along with planning and presenting senior lessons, the women in this track will take a look at building an effective women’s ministry.  These resources will be vital in future ministry involvement  whether stateside or on the mission field.
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