Preach the Word

At Sunset, our mission is to train whole persons to take the whole gospel to the whole world wholly to please God. We, the faculty and staff of Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI), are praying for more workers. If you are considering ministry training, then that means we are praying for you.

There are two things you need to do before the sun goes down on another day.

  1. Read through our prospective student information booklet.  You can download a copy if needed.  For married applicants, we recommend that both husband and wife read the material.
  2. Apply Online.  Fill in the information requested on the application and send it to us.
    *If you are unable to fill out the application, call us, (800) 658-9553, and we can walk you through the process, or we can send you a packet in the mail.

International Students click here

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