Missions Emphasis


Going the distance makes a difference. The apostle Paul obviously thought understanding the worldview and customs of those in Athens was necessary to communicate the message of the risen Christ.  It is just as important in our time. The Gospel doesn’t change, but learning how to connect with people in their own culture is still critically important. 

From the beginning, we have always been about missions both in the foreign and domestic fields. Today we are just as dedicated to Christ’s Great Commission as we always have been. A key part of His words at the end of the Gospel of Matthew is, “…go into all the world…”  We believe that God has gifted and put on the hearts of individuals and groups to take the Gospel and make disciples in both domestic and foreign fields. Therefore we want to train, equip and disciple these special groups and individuals to be effective in this type of ministry.

At Sunset we strive to take those special individuals and groups with a heart and passion for the lost to a level of completeness in their training. If you are ready to dig in deep theologically, learn about yourself and connecting with others, and hone your passion for the lost in different cultures, we’ve developed our mission’s emphasis for You!

Missions EmphasisSunset Mission’s emphasis is a part of our Biblical Studies program.  Alongside our core Bible curriculum the student has the opportunity to be trained in missions, they will learn how to effectively share the Gospel in different cultures throughout the world.

All of the instructors in the Missions Emphasis were missionaries in different nations around the world. They provide not only theoretical knowledge but also hands-on experience along with the heart for world evangelism.


Term One: Theology of Missions 
 Developing a clear biblical worldview with God and His mission as the center.
Term Two: Culture
Understand multiple facets of culture, how it influences worldview, how it influences the implementation of different systems, and one’s ability to share the Gospel message effectively. 
Term Three: Strategy
 How to unite the above-mentioned disciplines through critical thinking.
Term Four: Implementation
 Putting the pieces together (Team, Missionary Care, Equipping, Partnering, Fundraising, etc.)
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