Alumni Perpetual Connection

For over 50 years, Sunset has been training ministers of the Gospel from Lubbock that have gone out into the world. We care deeply about the welfare of those thousands of graduates. Perpetual Connection is a ministry about staying connected to the men and women that have gone out to preach, teach, and serve the Kingdom. History has shown that our men and women who are serving the Lord on the field need a contact at the home base to provide encouragement, a shoulder on which to cry, or a listening ear.

Johnny and Cynthia Evans have answered that call to reach out and connect the school to our alumni. Johnny is gifted with the ability to shepherd with a gentle, caring spirit. He is in the process of reaching out to alumni serving in ministry to help them by caring for their needs. He is also actively working to establish relationships with current students before they leave to work in ministry. With this ministry, Sunset hopes to help our graduates working in the Kingdom should they encounter problems and heartaches. We want to be there for them so they can heal and continue serving for many years to come.

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