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Jose AbenchuchanJose Abenchuchan-Council Bluffs, IA

Restore to Me the Joy of My Salvation (Thursday 11:00 Rm 214)
From Psalm 51:12 we learn that when we allow God to restore us to the Joy of our Salvation that we will then "teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will turn back to you."

Wissam Al-AethawiWissam Al-Aethawi-Taylor, MI

Islam in Christ's Eyes (Thursday 3:00 Flag Room)
The summation of my knowledge on Islam from Baghdad, Christianity from Lubbock, and work in ‎Dearborn, has been compiled in my first book, written to teach Christians about Islam.‎

Armageddon and the Dry Euphrates (Friday 3:00 Flag Room)
Islam teaches that one of the signs of the end of days will be the drying up of the Euphrates. Iraqis ‎have been watching the levels of Mesopotamia’s longest river with anxiety, disregarding the historical ‎context and the origin of this teaching. A study on Revelation.

Tim BurowTim Burow-Lubbock, TX

Ezekiel’s God of Restoration (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Flag Room)

God is waiting and hoping for us to turn around and come to Him just as we are. For we can’t fix ourselves; only God can do that. We must respond and offer up our our broken lives to Him and let Him go about restoring what was lost, healing what was broken, bringing life where there was death.

SESSION TWO: God assures us that He can not only reconstruct and resurrect your life but He can bring you back to the plan He has laid out for you. 

Bill Colwell

Bill Colwell-Austin, TX

World Bible School: 6 Tools to Help Your Congregation Grow (Thursday 9:45 Hospitality Room)

Local outreach with WBS?  Absolutely! In this class we'll demonstrate our NEW TOOLS and show how WBS can help you reach local seekers.

Richard CravyRichard Cravy-Lubbock, TX

Using the Sunset Bible Library for e-Sword Bible Software (Thursday 9:45 Rm 210)

Demonstrating the use of Sunset's textbooks, Sunset's study guides, and Jim McGuiggan's commentaries in the e-Sword Bible.

Teaching Christian History in Your Congregation (Thursday 11:00 Rm 210)

The importance of teaching your congregation Christian History, along with cautions, resources and proposed methods.


Kathy Crockett

Kathy Crockett-Lubbock, TX

Play Chess vs. Checkers in Relationships and Communication 1 (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Chapel)

Ways we can create a welcoming culture to those curious about the gospel.

Steve DiggsSteve Diggs-Nashville, TN

Leading the Church in a Changing Culture  (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)

This is a special opportunity designed to help church leaders discover the principles of Biblical leadership and mentoring. Steve will share 12 vital “Thought-Sparklers.” Attendees leave this event energized with solid biblical reasons to see less tunnel…and more light!

John FewkesJohn Fewkes-Abilene, TX

As in All the Churches (Friday 9:45 Library)

A Close Look at the Call for Full Female Participation and Leadership in the Church. It is abundantly clear that churches continue to be challenged in new interpretations and applications of scripture.  The call for full female participation in the worship practices of the church continues to spread.  We intend to examine the Scriptures in providing answers to this  challenge. 

Brian GarnettBrian Garnett-Lubbock, TX

The Apostle Paul, His Life and Teachings (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 212)

 Brian has put together about 200 verses from the writings of Paul that he will act out in period costume. The emphasis is to stress the importance of knowing scripture.


Gibby GilbertGibby Gilbert-Lubbock, TX

Ministry Renewal Series: Mission Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (Thursday 9:45 Rm 010)

One of the keys to constant renewal in ministry is a clear vision, understanding and method for filling the vision.

Ministry Renewal Series: Growth 2 Peter 1:5-9 (Friday 9:45 Rm 010)

One of the keys to ministry renewal is keeping one’s self focused on continual personal growth.  

Keith HarrisKeith Harris-Little Rock, AR

Restoring our Vision of Jesus (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 212)

In a world filled with chaos, it is easy to lose sight of the One we have been called to follow.  Part of this stems from our own cluttered lives, even our own cluttered ministries.  We move from program to program, from event to event, and before we know it, our vision of Christ has been blurred by our own misunderstanding of what we want Jesus to be.  If you have ever struggled with seeing Jesus clearly, you are not alone.  Join us as we examine how Mark helps us restore our vision of Jesus. 

Speedy HartSpeedy Hart-Lubbock, TX

Every Christian Has a Story to Tell – All to HIS Glory (Friday 11:00 Library)

Without a Vision People will Perish. Our families, friends, neighbors, children, grandchildren and others in our communities need to hear your story and my story and God’s story.  How do we translate belief in the transforming lordship of Christ to those who don’t have enough and to those who have too much?  How do we translate our belief to the unwed mother, to the marginalized ones who slip between the crack in our cities, to the political structures that may cause good or harm? What is OUR responsibility as Christ’s agents to participate with Christ as he seeks to restore all things into wholeness in himself? Trust HIM, Love HIM, Share HIM!!

Jacob HawkJacob Hawk-Wichita Falls, TX

5 Things Christians Should Never Worry About (Friday 9:45 Rm 012)

Worry is a vice that plagues Christians and constantly restricts them from reaching their fullest potential. We know Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow, and we may struggle our entire lives getting that one down. As hard as that is, we can't forget it's still a commandment from the Savior. However, there are five things Christians can stop worrying about immediately--five things that will help your church gain momentum if they'll be left in the past. This class explores those five things Christians should never worry about (besides tomorrow).

A 3 Pew Missionary (Friday 11:00 Rm 012)

We send missionaries all over the world and all over our country to teach the gospel, as we should as faithful followers of Christ; but what about becoming missionaries in your own congregation? What is a "3 Pew Missionary", and what exactly is their job? Most congregations don't struggle with guests entering their front doors; the greatest challenge is guests, and even members, leaving through the back doors. Becoming 3 pew missionaries just might fix that problem, and anyone can do it! This class explains the process.

Ronnie HewittRonnie Hewitt-Whiteland, IN

A Model of Restoration (Luke 15:11-32) (Thursday 9:45 Rm 225)

Every member of God's family can find themselves in the story of the prodigal. We have all stood in need of restoration and have experienced the forgiveness of the Father, and we have all been in the position to provide restoration to our brothers and sisters. Our goal for this class is to unpack this very popular parable and highlight the main themes and examine the significance of its details, so that we will be motivated to use the parable as a tool for self-examination and self-assessment. 

Penny KendallPenny Kendall-Lubbock, TX

God’s Women On Mission (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Chapel)

Our life is a journey that has many paths and stops along the way, but you and I have been planted exactly where He intends for us to be. We are God's women on mission. Join Penny as she explores the gift of Christ's redemption, helps you uncover your true identity in Him, and shares insight on how you can become all you were meant to be, for His glory. 

Mark LanceMark Lance-Memphis, TX

A Dream, A Prayer, and a Mission (Thursday 11:00 Library)

The journey from stagnation and staleness to a renewed sense of purpose and mission in a small town church through the birth of a Spanish outreach. 

Jeff LaneJeff Lane-Wolforth, TX

Forgiveness and Restoration (Friday 9:45 Hospitality Room)

Many people find it difficult to forgive. This is especially true for adult survivors of unhealthy homes and child abuse. In this class we will look at what forgiveness is and what it isn't, and show that extending forgiveness may not be as difficult as we originally thought. 

Jerry LawlisJerry Lawlis-Amarillo, TX

Remember Your Former Days (Thursday 9:45 Library)

What made the First Century church grow? What attitude permeated their lives?  Can we have that same willingness today? 

Mark LowensteinMark Lowenstein-Phoenix, AZ

Restore the Josiah Way [2 Chronicles 34] (Thursday 9:45 Rm 214)

Seek the Lord, remove the idols, restore the worship, renew the covenant, remain faithful. These are the amazing milestones of a great king! What about your spiritual milestones? Who is your "Josiah" in your life that's encouraging you in your faith with God?

If It Ain't Broken, Break It! [Psalms 34:17-19, Luke 7:36-48] (Friday 9:45 Rm 214)

A look at brokenness and how God wants us to be broken and turn to him for restoration. And from that restoration, we will become stronger.

Kirt MartinKirt Martin-Lubbock, TX

Confidence in Creation (Thursday 11:00 Rm 010)

The past 20 years has provided much needed science research in the area of origins, with many evidences that support the Biblical Model of origins.  In a non-technical way, we will look at recent research in biology that traces the Y chromosome and mitochondrial chromosome to Adam/Noah and Eve, animal genetics that traces to one pair, and a model that is a better fit for organizing life than the evolutionary tree of life.

Creation for Congregations (Friday 11:00 Rm 010)

Many resources are available that uphold an intelligent designer or Creator. A review of flood dynamics and designs in nature will be presented from various sources. 

John OrrJohn Orr-Wichita Falls, TX

How to Get Visitors & Fallen Away Members to Come Back (Thursday 11:00 Hospitality Room)

Nuts and bolts information on how to make connections and communicate with your visitors to services.  Also, ways to change the conversation with unfaithful and fallen away members, in order to to become a productive member of the church.

Team Building for Church Growth (Friday 11:00 Hospitality Room)

How to change the 20/80 problem in the church, by getting more people involved in evangelistic efforts.  Helpful clues on breaking the cycle of church atrophy. 

Dennis SaucierDennis Saucier-Whitehall, PA/Danny Wilson-Lubbock, TX

The AMEN Ministry: Serving Those in the US Military (Friday 9:45 Rm 225)

Serving Christians in the United States Military, encouraging them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, to evangelize their communities, to be spiritual leaders, and to plant churches wherever they are. The AMEN ministry does this by connecting military Christians with local churches of Christ near U. S. Military installations anywhere in the world, or by starting a worship service on an overseas base or U.S. Navy ship.

Michael ShankMichael Shank-Metropolis, IL/Odessa, TX

Plank (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Flag Room)


Matt SickonMatt Sickon-Lubbock, TX

Restore-Going into the Fire (Friday 11:00 Rm 214)

This class will examine how we can help restore others back to the faith, even when it means going into the fire. We will explore the verses from Jude 20 - 24 and 2 Corinthians 13:9-11 and see how we can best help our brothers and sisters in Christ restore their relationship with the Lord.

Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith-Lubbock, TX

Sympathizing with Today's Young People (Thursday 11:00 Rm 225)

This session will examine practical ways the Church can respond to the crises of reality facing today’s young people. It will examine the overwhelming social pressures of the American culture and its impact on the already tortuous nature of the adolescent journey to better understand why today’s young people have created their own youth culture as a means to survive their journey toward adulthood.

C.L. ThomasThomas L. Thomas-Slaton, TX

Sexuality 101 (Thursday & Friday 3:00 Rm 012)

The disciple of Christ is challenged to uphold a legitimate worldview on the subject of sexuality.  Our highly sexualized and deeply secular American culture does not make that challenge an easy one. This class will contend that the problem with the subject of sexuality is fundamentally due to a weak and insipid worldview. The Christian, biblical, worldview is the most robust perspective one can have on the subject of sexuality. 

Christian ThompsonChristian Thompson-Lubbock, TX

Branding your Congregation or Ministry (Friday 11:00 Rm 225)

A discussion on how we might Reach the Lost, Connect to your Community, and Grow your Congregation or Ministry through practical branding and marketing concepts. 

Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams-Auburn Hills, MI

Spiritual Warfare: The Devil and His Work  (Thursday 9:45 Rm 012)

A Sunset Graduate Class Sample

Practical Ministry: Navigating Church Politics  (Thursday 11:00 Rm 012)

A Sunset Graduate Class Sample

Ray YoungRay Young-Seminole, TX

Ministry Renewal Series: Competency 2 Corinthians 3:4-6 (Thursday 3:00 Rm 210)

One of the keys to constant renewal in ministry is to depend on the right strength.

Ministry Renewal Series: Work Colossians 1:28-2:1 (Friday 3:00 Rm 210)

One of the keys in ministry renewal is to give yourself fully to the work God has entrusted to you.