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Jose AbenchuchanJose Abenchuchan-Council Bluffs, IA

Reaching The Unreached, Unengaged Deaf Group Part 1 (Thursday 11:00 Rm 214)
The Deaf are the largest unreached people group on the planet. We need resourcing to help get God's Word to these people. Deaf people groups that are "unreached" means they've never encountered the Gospel in their native sign language and "unengaged" means no one is trying to reach them. What will you do to reach the Deaf in the U.S. and all over the world?

Ron Bontrager

Ron Bontrager-Lubbock, TX

Convictions about Preaching the Word (Thursday 11:00 Rm 212)
This class is for those who are committed to the Biblical mandate to “preach the word.”  It is about the “who” of preaching and certain Biblical convictions related to preaching the word.  It will begin with a survey of Paul’s final instructions to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:16-4:8).

Challenges in Preaching the Word (Friday 11:00 Rm 212)
This is a continuation of the “Convictions about Preaching the Word” class.  It is about the “why” of preaching, examining the preacher’s character and his commitment to preaching as well as the crisis that demands preaching today.

Gary Bradley

Gary Bradley-Huntsville, AL

Why People Leave the Church & How to Get Them Back, Part 1& 2 (Thursday & Friday 11:00 Rm 124)
In every congregation there is a front door and a back door. Much has been said in opening our front door to save the lost, but very little has been said about closing the back door. These two classes will address this important subject.


Ferman Carpenter

Ferman Carpenter-Round Rock, TX

Preaching the Word to Your Friends  (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 010)

This is a "how to" lesson that is an easy and effective tool for every Christian who is looking for a way to interest their friends in a Bible study. This class will be the same for both sessions.

Nat Cooper

Nat Cooper-Lubbock, TX

To Hell From Under a Pulpit: The Destructive Choices of Preachers & How They Occur (Thursday 9:45 Flag Room)
The deterioration of ethics among preachers and church leaders. The personal makeup – it can’t happen to me! The hurt and embarrassment of local churches when their minister becomes “a castaway”. Actual suggestions given by ministers as to how this occurs.

To Hell From Under a Pulpit: Ethics & the Power Struggle (Friday 9:45 Flag Room)
The starting point for interpreting “power” in the community of faith. The minister and “executive power”. The corporate executive model in which the minister rules. Ministers must get back to the attitude of the cross! Ministerial power struggle breeds cliques and trods under foot the powerful dynamic of servitude foremost on His mind as He prayed for His church! 

Russ Crosswhite

Russ Crosswhite-Murray, KY

The Meaning of Your Baptism (Thursday 9:45 Rm 212)
This study is based upon Romans 6:3-5.  The goal of this lesson is to help us to never forget what happened when we were baptized into Christ and what that should still mean to us today.

What It Means To Preach Jesus (Friday 9:45 Rm 212)
This study is based upon Acts 8:35. The goal of this lesson is to remind us of what we are to preach today to the lost. Also, this reminder will encourage Christians to stay with Jesus.

Steve DiggsSteve Diggs-Brentwood, TN

Leading the Church in a Changing Culture  (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)
Each year Steve Diggs shares fresh insights on contemporary church leadership with a special focus on techniques for making our historic message relevant in today’s culture. This year Steve will be presenting a series of 12 eye-opening, thought-provoking concepts that will radically improve how we do church in 2020. Challenging! Encouraging! Upbeat!

Billy Mitchum

Jason Hale

Jason Hale & Billy Mitchum-Rockdale, TX

Church in the Real World: From the Streets to the King's Table!  (Thursday 11:00 Rm 010)
Following the example Jesus set, we follow His ministry on the streets and how he ministered to those he met. We will examine characteristics of Jesus’ ministry that help us to meet and lead the lost to Christ in a non-confrontation manner.

Holly Holladay

Holly Holladay-West Monroe, LA

Journey of a Lifetime (Thursday 9:45 The Well)
When a sexual abuse survivor married a spouse with a sexual addiction, a very turbulent marriage began. Hear how God transformed Holly’s life and marriage, and began a ministry to help others struggling with sexual brokenness. Holly’s journey is a testament to God’s restoration of the years the locust ate.

When Your Worst Fears Come True (Thursday 11:00 The Well)
No parent wants to come face to face with sexual abuse in their home, but it happens too frequently to ignore. Whether it’s your family or someone close to you, you need to know what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. Discover how to respond when your worst fears come true. (At the speaker’s request, this session is not to be recorded.) 

The Hidden Cost of Ministry: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive (Friday 9:45 The Well)
Whether you are in full-time ministry/missions or simply an involved member in your church, finding balance can be difficult. Explore ways to build in self-care, to create healthy boundaries, and to know when to let go.

Talking to Your Children (or Grandchildren) About Sex (Friday 11:00 The Well)
If you as a parent aren’t the first person to talk to your child about sex, then you’re already late to the dance. Learn how to decrease the awkwardness and foster a climate of open communication in your family. (Shorter presentation followed by Q & A)

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins-Flower Mound, TX

Ten Keys to Maintaining Your Passion For Ministry (Thursday 9:45 Rm 124)
Many ministers struggle with feelings of inadequacy, burnout, or boredom. These suggestions may help you feel renewed and excited again about the greatest calling in the world.

Remaining Relevant in Ministry (Friday 9:45 Rm 124)
If our work is not relevant, we lose our purpose, our drive, and our motivation for ministry. In this class we discuss why ministry is relevant, and what we can do to remain relevant.
Class cancelled due to Jeff needing to return for a funeral.

Jeff Lane

Jeff Lane-Wolforth, TX

Ministering to Addicts & Those Who Love Them (Thursday 9:45 Rm 010)
We are called to preach the word in every way. Sometimes that means preaching words of advice and instruction to those who struggle with addiction, whether that be alcohol, drugs, or some other self-destructive behavior. This class will focus on the keys to staying sober and free. As such, this class will be helpful to those whose ministry involves dealing with addicts and their families. 


Mark LowensteinMark Lowenstein-Phoenix, AZ

Reaching the Unreached, Unengaged Deaf Group Part 2 (Friday 11:00 Rm 214)
The Deaf are the largest unreached people group on the planet. We need resourcing to help get God's Word to these people. Deaf people groups that are "unreached" means they've never encountered the Gospel in their native sign language and "unengaged" means no one is trying to reach them. What will you do to reach the Deaf in the U.S. and all over the world? 

John OrrJohn Orr-Wichita Falls, TX

How to Attract Young Families to Your Congregation (Thursday 9:45 Rm 210)
This topic is relevant to all churches that want to grow.  Whether you are small or large, it is a continual need. Discussion and ideas along with handouts to help stimulate growth in this area. 

Richard Patton

Richard Patton-Leander, TX

World Bible School:  Reaching New Generations Through Social Media (Friday 11:00 Library)
This class will introduce Mathetis, our new social media discipling tool designed to reach new generations with the Gospel, discuss outreach with the WBS Study Edition Bible and tools to connect with people actively seeking.

Zane Perkins

Zane Perkins-Lubbock, TX

Emotional Intelligence: A Powerful Tool (Thursday 9:45 Rm 214)
Understanding and developing emotional effectiveness not only uplifts Christ, it brings back God´s created design in us through the restoring nature of the cross. A living sermon is a powerful tool for the kingdom. (1 Peter 2:11-13)

Godly Marriages: Living Examples (Friday 9:45 Rm 214)
Through godly marriages we get a sense of the relationship God desires with mankind. Those same godly marriage, not only build up the body of Christ, but lift up a beacon of hope for those struggling to understand God’s design for relationships. A glance into Ephesians 5:21-33.


John Reeves

John Reeves-Flagler, CO

Walking in the Light: Covenants (Thursday 9:45 Library)
Not all covenants are equal; in fact, some are one-sided in nature while others are two-sided in nature. Which type of covenant does God use for salvation purposes and is covenant mixing permitted? Does covenant truly determine what our faith in Christ should look like?

Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders-Edmond, OK

The Power of the Gospel (Thursday 3:00 Flag Room)
Like the fruit of the Spirit, the power of the gospel has multiple dimensions. God has made it powerful for salvation by providing many aspects to the gospel that make it persuasive. We will examine these dimensions.

Persuasive Evangelistic Preaching (Friday 3:00 Flag Room)
Many preachers have forgotten their role as a gospel preacher is to persuade people to leave the domain of darkness and by grace to come into the light through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must learn how to persuade.

Pat Sheaffer

Pat Sheaffer-Lubbock, TX

Preparing the Z Generation to Preach the Word (Friday 9:45 Library)
There is an amazing opportunity for the Z generation to take their already existing passion and compliment it with equipping and training that leads to lifelong faithfulness and fruitfulness. Come learn how Adventures in Missions prepares the next generation to preach the Word followed by a time for questions and answers.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith-Lubbock, TX

The Mission Field is Closer Than You Think! (Thursday 11:00 Rm 210)
Seeing Short Term Missions as a practical strategy to ignite evangelism in the local church. The class will clarify the value of short term missions and offer resources you can use to engage your congregation in foreign and domestic missions. The ultimately goal is to leverage STM as a catalyst to transform local Christians into missionaries back home.

C.L. ThomasThomas L. Thomas-Roosevelt, NY

Whatever, Parts 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday 3:00 Rm 012)
These classes will take an apologetics approach of having a reason for your faith. It is more focused on helping our young generation have an objective reasoning for why they believe in Jesus verses subjective reasoning.

Bob Turner

Bob Turner-West Monroe, LA

Biblical Foundations for Vision (Thursday 9:45 Rm 012)
In this class, we will explore what the Bible teaches us about vision and why vision is essential for the future of the church. We will also examine how a vision benefits the growth and development of the church.  

Steps to Creating a Vision for the Church (Friday 9:45 Rm 012)
In this class, I will share some vision statements from various congregations and how they came to develop those statements. We will also specifically discuss steps that will help the church create its own vision for their work.

Dean Whaley

Dean Whaley-Amarillo, TX

So, You Want To Win Souls (Thursday 11:00 Library)
A simple and effective one on one Bible study. Good proven tips to improve your study. 

Ed Wharton

Ed Wharton-Lubbock, TX

Preaching the Fundamentals of the Faith (Thursday & Friday 11:00 Flag Room)
These classes will illustrate from a list of 27 titles fundamental doctrines that will contribute to establishing the church in the Authority of Scripture, the Assurance of Salvation for the faithful believer, and the Identity of the Church as the body of the saved. This will also illustrate the need to put teaching into preaching.  

Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams-Tupelo, MS

Spiritual Warfare: Angels Among Us (Thursday 11:00 Rm 012)
The Bible clearly tells us that there are Angels ministering to believers.  What do they do?  How do they help us?  This class will examine these questions through material from the Sunset Graduate School "Spiritual Warfare" course.

Theology of Biblical Leadership: Are We Leaders or Pollsters? (Friday 11:00 Rm 012)
Where is the balance between making right choices and making brethren happy?  How do we reconcile biblical models for leadership with our democratic culture? This class will examine these questions through material from the Sunset Graduate School "Theology of Biblical Leadership" course.

Ray YoungRay Young-Seminole, TX

Mark: From Text to Sermon, Part 1 (Thursday 3:00 Rm 210)
What are the important steps in reading, studying and researching that enable the preacher or teacher to hear the message of the text well. This class will be a hands on engagement of the text and consideration of important background material that assist in "getting the message of the text."

Mark: From Text to Sermon, Part 2 (Friday 3:00 Rm 210)
How does the text form the message to be delivered? Our sermons and Bible classes bridge the world of the text and our present context.  How do we faithfully preach the text and connect our hearers to the message?


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