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Wissam Al-AethawiWissam Al-Aethawi

The Temple: The Third of the Two Sacred Places (Thursday 3:00 Rm 012)

Jerusalem is the City of Peace and the Source of Wars. The Arab-Israeli contention over the ownership of the Temple Mount is a major source of the instability in the ‎Middle East and hence the world. Why do Muslims venerate the Temple?‎

How Muslims View You (Friday 3:00 Rm 012)

You share the gospel of Christ with your Muslim neighbor. He would be grateful to you for saving his soul after he has been waiting for that his entire life. Or not. A study of 1 Peter 2.

Kaylene BrownKaylene Brown

Christian Women & Mental Health: Facing Depression & Anxiety (Friday 9:45 Chapel)

Christian women are pulled in multiple directions as a result of various life roles. From caring for small children to caretaking one’s parents, woman’s work is never done. This presentation addresses depression and anxiety in the Christian woman. Practical tips for coping with will be provided.

Social Media: Bane, Blessing or Both for Christian Women (Friday 11:00 Chapel)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more social media platforms surround us in our everyday life. Social media can be a bane or blessing in our lives. This presentation will focus on the pitfalls of social media use as well as ways to use social media to strengthen God’s kingdom. Practical strategies and tips will be provided.

Tim BurowTim Burow

Your Unique Strategic Plan for Growth, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 010)

Our world is rapidly changing and people are more polarized than ever before. In such an context, Christ’s church can grow if we understand our environment and the ways that Christ can uniquely impact souls inside and outside of the body. These lessons are designed to give us hope and confidence for real growth in such times.

Nathan BurrowNathan Burrow

13 Reasons Why We Need Hope, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)

Mental illness is a struggle that often goes unaddressed in our churches. While suicide rates continue to rise, most of us are unaware of how many people are feeling without hope. This two part lesson series confronts depression, anxiety, and pain and how our churches can be a place of refuge and healing.

Bill Colwell

Bill Colwell

WBS: New Tools to Reach New Generations (Thursday 9:45 Rm 212)

You can use time-tested WBS tools and new WBS tools to reach the lost with the Gospel.  Come join us to learn about exciting new WBS evangelism tools and what’s coming in the future!

Richard CravyRichard Cravy

E-Sword (Thursday 11:00 Rm 012)

Sunset Institute Press now has its entire library of commentaries and study guides available for the e-Sword Bible software program. Learn why you should be using e-Sword (the world’s most widely used computer software for Bible study), and see a demonstration of our 80+ volume Sunset Library.

Russ CrosswhiteRuss Crosswhite

Three Lessons-Acts 20:17-38 (Thursday 9:45 Hospitatlity Room)

In this text we’ll note lessons for preachers, elders, and the members. Also, we’ll consider the relationships that ought to exist between the preacher, elders, and the members.

What a Man Found-Acts 16:24-34 (Friday 9:45 Hospitatlity Room)

In this text we’ll see what a man found that we all need to know. Also, we’ll look at how one can use this example of conversion to teach someone the gospel of Christ.

Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis

Making Known The Mystery of His Will, Domestically  (Thursday 9:45 Rm 010)

How and why the Antioch Initiative decided to focus on America.

What a Difference 4 Years Makes in Our Efforts to Disciple in America (Friday 9:45 Rm 010)

What the Antioch Initiative has learned over the past 4 years about planting churches.

Steve DiggsSteve Diggs

Prepare for Kingdom Work: Become a Fast-Forward Leader, Part 1 & 2 (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)

You are in one of three categories: 1) A leader, and you know it; 2) A leader, but you don’t realize it; or 3) Not yet a leader…who needs to become one. Distilled from Steve’s popular new book, Fast-Forward Leadership, this content-rich, double session will equip you with 12 actionable takeaways that will improve your game.

Jeff JenkinsJeff Jenkins

Ten Things You Can Do to Help You Preach Better This Sunday, Part 1 & 2 (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 012)

Every Preacher wants to do better. Hopefully, our desire to be better is never for selfish motives. We want to be better so that God might be glorified and so that lives can be transformed. This two-part session will suggest ten things that any Preacher can do to be better this week.

Jeff LaneJeff Lane

Sovereign in Suffering (Thursday 11:00 Rm 212)

In this class we will be reminding our generation that God is still sovereign even though we live in a world of suffering. We will also discuss some practical considerations when attempting to minister to suffering people.

Mark LowensteinMark Lowenstein

Generation Deaf (Past & Present) Colossians 1:24-29 (Thursday 9:45 Rm 214)

Generation Deaf (Future) Colossians 1:24:29 (Friday 9:45 Rm 214)

Walter MaxwellWalter Maxwell

How to Find Peace in a Pit (Thursday 11:00 Hospitatlity Room)

Text: Philippians 4:4-7. We are living in difficult times today. In this text Paul shows us how to be at peace in spite of all we are going through.

Learning to be Content (Friday 11:00 Hospitatlity Room)

Text: Philippians 4:10-13. Contentment is something we nor not born with, It has to be learned. Paul knew how to be content even in a Roman Prison. We too can be content if we follow the word of God

Billy McGuigganBilly McGuiggan

Blessed Be Your Name, Part 1 & 2 (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 212)

The first session will be looking at the name Yahweh. Looking at this name will help us understand God's nature, his character and his purpose in the world.

The second session will be looking at the name Yahweh. Looking at this name will help us understand God's nature, his character and his purpose in the world.

Jim McGuigganJim McGuiggan

God's Righteousness (Thursday 3:00 Flag Room)

The phrase functions in many more than one way. I'd like to spend some time looking at the way I think is most helpful to our congregations today.

The Church as God's Righteousness (Friday 3:00 Flag Room)

I feel assured we don't know who we are and that that robs us of strength and wonder.

John OrrJohn Orr

Changing the Mindset of a Congregation from Can’t to Can (Thursday 9:45 Library)

This is a how to class on things leaders can use to turn the attitude of a congregation around and get other leaders enthused and members involved.

Habanero Visitation Ministry - Free Material (Friday 9:45 Library)

This class is about planning and keeping a successful outreach and visitation ministry. Also tips on training and recruiting. Free materials for all attendees.

Nick PerezNick Perez

The Psalms: Interceding for Terrorists (Thursday 11:00 Library)

The Psalms were written to teach us about prayer. But do they contain lessons on how we should pray for groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, & other oppressive regimes around the world?

Where is God in This Mess? (Friday 11:00 Library)

Have you heard of the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar? It is nothing short of modern-day genocide. Where is God in situations like Myanmar?

Jim SmithJim Smith

Gospel Sharing Ministries (Friday 11:00 Rm 012)

The class will explain visual applications that are used in presenting the Gospel. A copy of the visuals will be given to each student.

Rosslyn SmithRosslyn Smith

Getting the Most from Your Bible Study (Thursday 11:00 Chapel)

Many Christian women are interested in delving more deeply into God’s word, but they may be unsure of how to go about it. In this session, we will introduce some principles and techniques for effective Bible study, with a focus on digging out meaning rather than application. We will discuss how a systematic approach to studying Scripture can help us have a clearer understanding of God’s word.

Chris SwinfordChris Swinford

Mission America (Thursday 11:00 Flag Room)

There is an obvious need for revival, renewal and resources for Churches of Christ in the United States. Sunset is dedicated to bringing real healing, help and hope to local congregations in all areas of the USA through mission teams, church planting, free resources, leadership training, campus ministry, outreach to the military and political leaders and strengthening both Anglo and Hispanic congregations. Come and hear of this exciting mission to expand the Kingdom of Christ in America.

Sunset Academy of Leadership Training (Friday 11:00 Flag Room)

A key element in reviving and renewing congregations is to provide the leaders of these congregations with practical workshops and seminars near their congregation, to provide individualized mentoring and assistance and to provide the resources necessary to have a healthy congregation. Sunset is starting a new program that will strengthen and equip leaders in growing a healthy congregation in these difficult times. Come and hear how you can receive needed training, equipping and certification through SALT.

Stephanie ThomasStephanie Thomas

The Metamorphosis Process: Strive to Change from Within (Thursday 9:45 Chapel)

God calls us to action, to change, to be renewed, and if we find that we are trapped in a vicious cycle that is hindering our personal growth and transformation into a more Christ-like person, then we must take the first step and learn what God has called us to do. Using the life cycles of the butterfly as a metaphor for our own lives, we will learn that the woman inside us must be discovered through an introspective period where our past experiences will become the fuel for our transformation and ultimately our greatest strength. This lesson is interactive, science-based, and rooted firmly in God's word and will for our lives.

C.L. ThomasThomas L. Thomas

Flawed, Fractured, but Still Family, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday 9:45 Flag Room)

This series of lessons will consider some examples of flawed families in Scripture and key principles to maintain the mission of a godly family in difficult and challenging situations.

Ed Wharton Ed Wharton

The Relation of the Kingdom to the Church (Thursday 3:00 Rm 210)

The lexical definition of the term "kingdom" demonstrates the kingdom embraces more than the church. The kingship and total authority of Christ over all things will be seen as necessary for the establishment of the church on Pentecost. This study will demonstrate that the universal reign of God was transferred to Christ in fulfilment of prophecy and miraculously demonstrated during his earthly ministry before the church was established on Pentecost.

Jarrod WilliamsJarrod Williams

Reaching a Lost Generation, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday 11:00 Rm 214)

What do Millennials need to hear about the Gospel? How do we reach a new generation of young adults? By showing them the exact opposite of what the world demands they believe; that all men are in need of a Savior.

Building upon the foundation of the first session, we’re going to show how Christ’s Lordship is not only based on His power and divinity, but also upon his infinite love and grace. By doing so, we’ll show how Millennials can be convinced that they need to trust in the Lord and lean not on their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

Ray YoungRay Young

Preaching the Gospel of John, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday 3:00 Rm 010)

The Gospel of John is unique in many ways. It’s uniqueness presents special challenges and opportunities for preaching. This class will give practical and powerful tools in reading, study, preparation and preaching from the great biblical text.