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Wissam Al-AethawiWissam Al-Aethawi

The Quran or the Bible? (Thursday 3:00 Flag Rm)
Among the dozens of scriptures followed by billions of people worldwide today, most people believe in either of two: the Quran or the Bible. Which scripture among these two to trust depends on the very definition of the word “scripture.” Tribute to Ed Wharton.

Is Allah God? (Friday 3:00 Flag Rm)
Spoiler alert: the answer not a definitive "yes" or "no." It is so tricky we need a whole class for it.

Chuck AndersonChuck Anderson

Misdirected Shame to Unashamed!, Part 1 (Thursday 9:45 Rm 212)
This class will deal with the shame many members place on themselves by not being involved in evangelism.  The intention is to share where the breakdown is and how to mend it.  It is presented in a most positive manner to encourage leaders to utilize every willing member of their flock.

Misdirected Shame to Unashamed!, Part 2 (Friday 9:45 Rm 212)
This class will share many of the statistics and blessings that have arisen from utilizing every willing member in evangelism where they are gifted.  (No more putting round pegs in square holes).

Tommy BaileyTommy Bailey

New Opportunities in Online Studies with SIBI (Thursday 11:00 Rm 214)
This class serves as an introduction to and how it can benefit those in ministry and those looking to grow in their Bible study.

Ron Bontrager

Ron Bontrager

Dealing with Suffering with Your Grown Sons (Thursday 11:00 Rm 212)
Some of the most terrifying words ever are these:  “I’ve got cancer.”  Even worse, “Dad, I’ve got cancer.”  These words stir many emotions.  This class will attempt to offer helpful advice to people – patients, family and friends -- who deal with cancer.

Toni BurnsToni Burns

Ministering to Our Missionaries (Friday 11:00 Chapel)
Missions is a beautiful job.  It is also a messy job with lots of struggles.  How can we, as the Body of Christ, encourage and take an important part in ensuring that our missionaries are successful.  This class will help you understand more about the life of a missionary as well as explore ideas of how you can be a key player in a missionary's life.

Ferman Carpenter

Ferman Carpenter

Evangelism is the Answer, Parts 1 & 2 (Thursday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 210)
Part 1 will help remind Christians who the Lord's church is; what we are suppose to be doing; and offer some suggestions on how.
Part 2: There are a lot of good Christians, but so many have not yet decided what they are good for. This class will help us to decide our purpose for being good.

Stentson Carpenter

Stentson Carpenter

A Unique Ministry in Our Brotherhood (Friday 11:00 Library)

How we can develop strategic plans for long term care of intellectually disabled children after their parents' death.

Bill Colwell

Bill Colwell

World Bible School:  Around the World & Around the Corner (Thursday 11:00 Rm 010)
Learn how you can share Jesus in a real and meaningful way using World Bible School.  You can reach and teach seekers around the world, and use WBS Connect to reach your local community.  Come learn more about these opportunities, and about the new WBS Study Edition Bible and WBS plans for social media outreach.

Steve DiggsSteve Diggs

The 7 Keys to a Worry-Free Money Life (Friday 9:45 Rm 210)
Distilled from Steve’s popular No Debt No Sweat Seminar, this single session is content rich with a plan for less financial stress, more focus on our Christian calling…and a clarion call to disconnect from our materialism. Fun, biblical, and insightful.

7 Touch Points (Friday 11:00 Rm 210)
There are seven concepts that every Christian must grapple with if he or she hopes to reach the unreached. These are the Touch Points that clarify our personal walks with Jesus…and help us reflect His story to our friends, associates, and congregants. 

Overcoming the Stuff That Separates Us: 4 Strategies of Effective Conflict Resolution (Friday 3:00 Rm 210)
We all have conflict…in our churches, our homes, our work, and with in our marriages. In this fast paced class, Steve will share the “4 Keys of Effective Conflict Resolution.” You will leave with an action plan that will improve all of your relationships. 

Debi EllisonDebbie Ellison

Ministering to Those with Special Needs (Thursday 9:45 Chapel)
Coming to church is often very difficult for the family of a child with special needs. They wonder: "Will my child be accepted? How will the other children react to my child? Will the teachers think it is an inconvenience for my child to be in their Bible School class?'' Ministering to individuals with special needs requires attitudes of understanding and acceptance. This class will present specific ideas to help you make a difference  in a child's life and in the life of his family.

Victor EllisonVictor Ellison

Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah, Parts 1 & 2 (Friday 9:45 & 11:00 Rm 012)
The impact that God intends to have on all who understand and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ is drastic and life lasting. The Gospel is a message that will change us into what we would never be without the truth that Jesus brought.

Cynthia EvansCynthia Evans

Ministering to Our Younger Sisters (Thursday 11:00 Chapel)
This class will discuss how parents and congregations can guide their children to avoid the traps of culture and discover a meaningful relationship with God and His church.

Keith LancasterKeith Lancaster

Worship and Church Growth (Thursday 11:00 Hospitality Rm)

Jeff LaneJeff Lane

Unashamed of Our Shame (Thursday 11:00 Library)
This class will explore the differences between guilt, appropriate shame, and toxic shame. We will examine the debilitating effects of toxic shame and identify those most susceptible. Many in ministry may not personally suffer in this way, but it is certain they will encounter those who do. Emphasis will be given to discovering the truth about toxic shame, so that we can learn to live unashamed of our shame.

Walter MaxwellWalter Maxwell

The Badge of Discipleship, Part 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday 9:45 Hospitality Rm)
Text: John 13:34-35
“A new commandment I give unto you.  That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

Jim McGuigganJim McGuiggan

It's a God Thing (Thursday 3:00 Rm 012)
Love Bears All Things (Friday 3:00 Rm 012)
In the two classes, God helping, I purpose to say something truthful and enriching about God and His work of Reconciliation.

Trey Morgan

Trey Morgan

Twelve Signs of a Dying Church (Thursday 9:45 Flag Rm)
In this class we'll talk about the current trend of shrinking and dying churches, and what actions we take to reverse it. A healthy church isn't one with a new building, large numbers or even a big budget. So what does make a healthy church?  What does a healthy church look like?

How to Strengthen Marriages & Families in Your Church (Thursday 11:00 Flag Rm)
As silly as it sounds, the truth is, the key to fixing our nation's problems are by fixing our marriages and families. Healthy marriages and families make up healthy churches and healthy nations. In this class we'll look at characteristics of healthy families. How we can promote healthy marriages and families in our churches. We'll look at several specific things you can do as churches to help with the growing trend of divorce among Christian marriages.

John Orr

John Orr

Circle of Influence: Finding Prospects (Friday 11:00 Rm 212)
An Introduction to Home Missions.

Judy PriceJudy Price

The Blessings and Challenges of Working with Seniors (Friday 9:45 Chapel)
Help! How do I care for my aging parents? Information for dealing with friends and family whose health is declining.

Sabino RogriguezSabino Rodriguez

I Am Not Ashamed To Teach About Grace (Thursday 9:45 Library)
In many of our congregations, I have seen that we tiptoe around grace. If we fundamentally understand this wonderful subject, we can wrap our whole ministry around it and grow numerically and spiritually.

I Am Not Ashamed To Teach The Church About Evangelism (Friday 9:45 Library)
As we see our numbers decline, sometimes we go to our favorite escape - programs! Some ministers cringe at the thought of another class on evangelism. But the early church never did! Let's learn how we can make a difference in our congregation, our community and foreign works with the greatest program of all time - the Gospel!

James SandersonJames Sanderson

How to Reach Jehovah Witnesses & Mormons (Thursday 9:45 010 Rm)
Understanding their Doctrine will Help!

How to Work with the Christian Church (Friday 9:45 010 Rm)
History, Division, Doctrine and Future Unity

A New Way to Address Instrumental Music in Worship (Friday 11:00 010 Rm)
A New Look at the Why?

Jim SmithJim Smith

Gospel Illustrations (Thursday 9:45 Rm 214)
The class will explain visual applications that are used in presenting the Gospel. A copy of the visuals will be given to each student.

C.L. ThomasC.L. Thomas

Refocus on the Family! (Thursday 3:00 Hospitality Rm)
This study will consider the importance of building Biblically-centered understanding of family in today's world.

Mission Possible! (Friday 3:00 Hospitality Rm)
What's the purpose of your family? When all is said and done did you accomplish it? This study will pursue the importance of families understanding the need for mission.

Gary Walker

Gary Walker

Same Sex Attraction: How Should the Church Respond? (Friday 11:00 Flag Rm)
The church faces many challenges from our liberal culture which require a wise and balanced response. Same-sex attraction, the practice of homosexuality, and our culture's flagrant agenda to promote the normalization of this lifestyle are ones that have not been honestly addressed in light of God's word and the love that the Lord has for all of His children. This lesson explores possible origins of such attraction and emphasizes how the church should respond and also counsel its members to have a godly and loving response. Gary Walker, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is one of the Sunset elders and has dealt with same-sex attraction in his private practice.

Ed Wharton Ed Wharton

The Biblical Idea of Witnessing (Friday 9:45 Flag Rm)
The New Testament records detailed information regarding the testimony, or the witness, of both Christ and the apostles. The purpose of this lesson is two-fold: First, to define the Biblical meaning of witnessing and its unique purpose as evidence for the resurrection of Christ. Second, to set in contrast for the 21st century church the Biblical teaching of witnessing and the denominational subjective misuse of the term and the consequence loss of the New Testament's message regarding that testimony.

Differentiating the Indwelling & Empowering of the Holy Spirit (Friday 11:00 Hospitality Rm)
Many in the church seem to experience difficulty explaining the New Testament's teaching that baptism for salvation precedes the reception of the Holy Spirit when confronted with the statements in Acts 10:44-48 that the Holy Spirit was received by the Gentiles before Peter commanded them to be baptized, and the record in Acts 19: 1-5 that that certain became "disciples" before they were baptized. This lesson will deal with an exposition of the subject in Acts chapters 2, 8, 10, 19.

Michael Whitworth

Michael Whitworth

Loose Ends: God & Dirty Politics-1 Kgs 1-2 (Thursday 9:45 Rm 012)

Perdition’s Flames: Ahab & the Word of God-1 Kgs 20-22 (Thursday 11:00 Rm 012)

Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams

Purposeful Preaching: Ministering with Heart and Professionalism (Friday 9:45 Rm 214)
The public proclamation of God's Word deserved sincere thought and planning.  This class will address the need for preachers who are consummate professionals at their craft, while maintaining a sincere love for people.  Practical suggestions for sermon preparation, yearly planning, and time management will we included.

Precious Gifts: Improving Giving in the Local Congregation (Friday 11:00 Rm 214)
This class will focus upon helping congregations to improve their contribution.  Both principles and practical applications will be addressed, including better uses of technology and a better approach to teaching on giving.