The Time Is Now - An SIBI Online Event

The Time is Now

During this year of change and upheaval in so many areas of the world, we, as the Church, have a message of hope and a response to our troubles like no other religion or belief. This will be a time of reaching out to our alumni and partners to help energize you for your ministry. Since SIBI has not been able to raise funds with dinners and in-person meetings, we hope to draw interest in the school and partner with people ready to invest in the Kingdom together.

The Time is Now to Preach the Word! (Chris Swinford, minister for Faith Village Church of Christ)
The Time is Now to Partner with One Another! (Tim Burow, President of SIBI)
The Time is Now to Pray to the Lord of the Harvest! (Zane Perkins, Director of Advancement Relations for SIBI)

Please join us for a special online 45 minute event on
October 27th from 8:00-8:45 PM, CDT.

Return to this web page to watch the presentation or link to it.  You will also find it at our YouTube channel and our Facebook page on the day of the event.

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