Youth and Family Minister

Lakeview Church of Christ

Lakeview Church of Christ

Position: Youth and Family Minister
Supervisors: Lakeview Shepherds and Youth and Family Leadership
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Attendance: 230+
Shepherds: 5
Phone: (253) 537-5181
Website: lakeviewchurchofchrist.church
Salary: Commensurate with experience and education

A Bible or Youth/ Ministry degree from a brotherhood preaching school or University
Able to communicate and interact with shepherds, preaching minister, deacons, youth team members and congregation
Communicate thoughts and ideas in writing articles, emails, ect...

Cover Letter
Philosophy of applicant’s ministry statement not to exceed one page
Three Recommendation letters that reflect character and integrity of the applicant: one from an elder of church attended, one from academic professor of higher education and one personal relationship (excluding relatives).
Submit to youth@lakeviewcofc.org

General Description:
The Youth and Family Minister will work with youth and families of Lakeview Church of Christ under the direction of the shepherds to ensure that there is a strong foundation of biblical knowledge modeled for Christian living through experience and action within youth and families. A major goal will be leading our youth to Christ and helping them launch into their own Christian walk. Through his positive example within the church family, he will teach, mentor, provide counsel and direction and emulate Christ to all. A disciple maker dedicated to making disciple makers for Christ, 2 Timothy 2:2.

A maturing spirit-filled Christian man who has a disciplined and consistent thirst for study and teaching the bible to growing minds to love the study of God’s word, and dedicated to biblical fellowship, communion, and to prayer. (Acts 2:41-32)
Prepare for Bible Classes, Devo, Meetings, and job-related functions, and always ready for sound teaching.

Specific Responsibilities:
Build a strong youth group as a key functioning part of the LORD’s body at Lakeview.
Create space that the child and the parent can use to form a spiritual bond (spiritual quarterback directing and facilitating the charismatic interaction of excitement and relatability of the family’s spiritual growth) that promotes Christ-likeness living.
Work directly with parents to empower them to build spiritual discipline with their own children.
Direct and provide communication to families and the church about ministry activities via email, text, phone calls, and social media etc.
Pursue a growing and consistent personal relationship with families and their youth.
Participate in at least one leadership training or workshop yearly; coordinated with the Leadership.
Work directly with the youth and family ministry team in continuing the ministry plan for the youth group.
Provide a safe environment for all youth and family.
Develop and pursue a family discipleship ministry that teaches sound biblical doctrines and stimulates growth opportunities for both youth and families.
Design ways to pursue and obtain feedback from both families and youth that help foster growth.
Help the transition from youth group to adult ministries within the Lakeview church body.
Become actively involved with the Delano Bay Camp ministry.

Administrative Duties:
Maintain regularly scheduled office hours coordinated with the Leadership.
Prepare and submit to the Leadership a yearly budget proposal and ensure the Leadership receive a monthly income/expense report.
Submit articles for the bulletin as required/requested.
Work cooperatively with the Shepherds, Preaching Minister and other ministry leaders.


Ephrata Church of Christ

EPHRATA, WA CHURCH SEEKING FULL-TIME GOSPEL MINISTER/PREACHER/EVANGELIST Eager to help meet the needs of our congregation while assisting in the spreading of the Good News to the surrounding community.
Our last preacher went to Ukraine to help start a new congregation there!
"We are a congregation of about 40 members in a town of about 8,000 population in a
major agricultural area located in about the center of the state. The congregation
was formed here in the late 40's and we have two elders. For more information feel
free to email Church of Christ in Ephrata, WA at
ewacofc@gmail.com, or contact Allen Smith (509) 398-1784 or Rusty Hunt (509)
681-0218 Church web site: www.ephratawachurchofchrist.com


Pullman Church of Christ

Pullman cofc.org

A congregation of 30-35. We have two universities within 8 miles. We are looking for either part time or full time with partial support.
We want someone who can do outreach. If you are interested please contact Don Corner at 208-883-0805 or at Dcorner@roadrunner.com.

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