Youth and Family Minister

Westbury Church of Christ in Houston


1. General Summary
This is a ministry position to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God in the area of Youth Ministry. This ministry is to promote growth in relationship with the Lord, relationships with one another and outreach to the lost. The purpose is to glorify God in word, worship, and daily lives.
2. Scope of Responsibility
The Youth Minister will work within the vision and mission of the Westbury Church of Christ, under the direction of the Elders and Minister and in coordination with other ministry teams (i.e. Childrens’ Ministry leaders, volunteer adults, parents, and teens). He will be responsible for planning and coordinating youth (6th -12th grade) activities, functions and events. He is expected to provide leadership and guidance within the youth program. He will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation with ministry leaders, parents and adult volunteers and keep the Elders advised.
3. Specific Areas of Responsibility
a. Teaching, Guiding & Outreach
i. Be Present in the Lives of our Young People and Evangelistic in Growing our Youth Group
1. Get to know current, future, and past members or potential members with the goal of developing relationships
2. Help our young people through life challenges including surgery, death in the family, etc.
3. Look for opportunities to reach out to non-Christian teens.
4. Treat Westbury Christian School as a mission field. This includes being visible and present at the School and at School events.
5. Be involved in Youth members activities. This includes attending fine arts and sporting events as possible.
6. Use judgment in attending after hours events. This is not meant to be overwhelming, but included for the Youth Minister to be a presence in the lives of the members of the Youth group.
b. Recreation
i. The Youth Minister should organize and direct fun, wholesome activities to engage the young people and encourage developing relationships. This should include activities throughout the year.
c. Education of the Youth Group
i. Take primary responsibility for the content of classes for grades six through twelve and for recruitment of teachers for those levels. Coordinate topics of study with the Pulpit Minister and Elders.
ii. The content of the teen classes will emphasize Bible knowledge, the decision to follow Christ through baptism, and the ability to apply that knowledge and decision to daily life and problem solving.
iii. Regularly schedule, teach, and coordinate youth classes.
iv. Plan and teach special short-term classes that address specific needs of the youth, including leadership training appropriate to both boys and girls as needed.
d. Special Activities
i. Provide opportunities for intergenerational ministry and interaction. This could include service to Adults or the Childrens’ ministry.
ii. Organize and participate in events such as camps, mission trips, retreats, area wide events, service projects, etc.
iii. Assist as needed at the annual VBS and Fall Festival, and encourage teens to assist and attend.
iv. Co-Oversee the Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) with the Children’s Ministry leaders. Assist Youth Deacons and parents in City Wide and National Youth Rallies.
v. Christian Universities/Campus Ministries
1. Provide opportunities for young people to experience Christian Universities and Campus Ministries (i.e. college trips, AFC, Longhorns for Christ, etc).
vi. Coordinate with parents of graduating seniors to plan a graduation celebration.
e. Communication
i. Keep parents informed and provide periodic information to the rest of the congregation. This can be accomplished by the items below.
ii. Report to the elders about the progress of the Youth Ministry.
iii. Prepare a quarterly calendar of youth events for parents.
iv. Assist in maintaining current youth activity information on the church’s website.
v. Contribute regularly to the congregational Order of Worship and other communications as needed.
vi. Recognize youth member’s birthdays, baptismal anniversaries and other important events.
f. Professionalism & Education
i. Follow all church and office policies. This Includes Children’s policies and all safety protocols associated with children and young people.
g. Finance
i. Propose a budget including expenses required for all areas of the Youth ministry.
4. Additional Responsibilities
a. Participate in other areas of the congregation’s work as would be expected of any member.
b. The Youth Minister will be available to preach in the absence of the Preaching Minister.

Please apply through the website.

Pulpit Minister

Blanco Church of Christ


Position: Pulpit Minister
Church Name: Blanco Church of Christ
Address: 102 First Street, Blanco, Texas, 78606
Average Attendance: 75 pre-COVID-19
Elders: 3
Comments: Our current Minister is retiring at the end of 2020 after 12 great years with us. Therefore, we need to fill this position quickly. Blanco, a quaint country town of about 2000, is in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We are seeking a faithful man who will teach God’s word without compromise. They must be willing to help us grow and touch the hearts of the lost with God’s word.
Desired Qualifications: Dedicated to Christ – motivated – enthusiastic – with a thorough understanding of the Bible, passionate about Bible reading, prayer, and service, and prefer a degree in Bible from a sound brotherhood school or School of Preaching.
Salary: We offer a negotiable base salary and a benefit package which includes a home.
Responsibilities: Sunday morning Bible class and Sermon, Sunday night Sermon, Wednesday night Bible class, community outreach, and a weekly radio program
Interested: Send a current resume with a one-page statement that characterizes your efforts, style, and objectives; and DVD’s of two different sermons or links to them and 3 references.

Church Website: www.blancochurchofchrist.com
Contact: Terry Cooper
Email for Reply: ChurchofChristinBlanco@gmail.com



Homemission, an association of evangelists is looking for a point man/fund raiser. We have helped churches in over 40 states to survive and grow. We are starting a school of evangelism in 2022. We need someone energetic and good at speaking and follow-up on our team. Check out our website at homemission.org. If interested, call 940-631-5530 or 940-692-0032 or homemission444@gmail.com


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