Full Time Minister

Center Chapel Church of Christ, Mt. Juliet

Center Chapel Church of Christ
9500 Central Pike Mt. Juliet, Tn. 37122
Weekly Attendance 225-250 with huge opportunity for growth
Full-Time Minister position available
Here are some of the qualifications and things that we are looking for:
• 4+ years of Ministry experience
• A wife and family that are supportive and will be involved in the church
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Bible and/or Ministry from an accredited Church of Christ affiliated University or School of Preaching. Preaching experience can be substituted and discussed.
• Needs to be spiritually mature, energetic and passionate about sharing God's Word with people both inside our church and within our community.
• Coordinate the Adult Bible Classes curriculum and adult teachers for Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights and present curriculum to elders for approval.
• Coordinate curriculum material orders with other departments (Children, Youth & Women).
• Participate in teaching Bible classes three quarters of the year on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings.
• Develop a mission and faith statement, in coordination with the elders, for the direction of the church and work to fulfill this mission and faith statement.
• Encourage faithfulness in Churched and Unchurched to worship services, Bible classes, and encourage participation in church activities.
• Visit members in the hospital, nursing homes, shut-ins and other members that are sick.
• Assist families in times of bereavement.
• Hold office hours Monday-Thursday for a few hours per day
• Follow-up with visitors each week by calls, letters or electronic communications.
• Do bible studies with Unchurched upon request
• Follow-up with members that have missed two consecutive Sundays and provide feedback to the elders.
• Assist in building enthusiasm/interest with all church members (especially weak or discouraged members).
• Be actively involved in regular church activities.
• Meet monthly with elders.
• Work to convert non-Christian spouses and accountable children of members.
• Work with missionaries that we support and participate in local and foreign mission trips.
• Perform professionally and efficiently other duties and assignments as assigned by the elders.
Salary: Negotiable based upon experience.

If interested, please submit your resume and a link to your latest preaching lessons to:
Ed Wyatt- Elder

Fulltime Pulpit Minister

LaFollette Church of Christ

Lafollette Church of Christ is located in Campbell County TN. We are a church of over 80 members who is looking to grow and focus on youth and young families. We are seeking a fulltime minister who places allegiance to God and the inerrancy of scripture above all else. Would prefer a married man with a family. Prefer 3-5 years of experience in ministry or church work. Prefer completion of formal training in ministry/preaching with documentation. Would like someone who is tech savvy able to use a computer, audio visual equipment and social media. Looking for someone who is a go-getter and will work with elders to grow the church in our community. Want minister to work 20 hours a week in church office on sermons/church duties and spend 20 hours in community evangelizing and visiting members. Please contact David Longmire one of our elders at his email 4auction@longmirerealty.net (please submit a resume, recommendations, and video or MP3 of past sermons)

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