Pulpit Minister

Glen Rock Church of Christ

The minister is expected to be an effective communicator, preaching and teaching adults with a personal sense of conviction and passion for the Word of God. It is essential that he see his position as a mission rather than an occupation. His motivation should come from a desire to please God and his love for people. He should have a high degree of scriptural expertise and should use it to emphasize the bible in sermons and lessons which nurture, strengthen, and motivate the church body and our visitors. This should be accomplished, not only through scriptural exposition, but also by frequent relating of the scripture to applications in daily life.

It is also expected that the minister will be actively engaged in leading the lost to Christ and equipping others to do the same. It is essential that he has a heart that is concerned for the lost. In time he is expected to be involved with and be respected by the community. A seasoned evangelist with a broad experience base is desired. A friendly, warm personality is essential in all aspects of his ministry.

Visiting with those that have physical and spiritual hurts is also a congregational need. It is understood that the elders and the members are to share this responsibility. Loving compassion is the desirable gift.

It is desired that the minister be a visionary who can aid in leadership and ministry development that will help the congregation grow in number, love, and unity.

Masters Degree preferred
Minimum 5 years experience as Pulpit minister

Please send resumes to or by mail:
Glen Rock Church of Christ
3899 Sticks Road
Glen Rock PA 17327


State College Church of Christ

The church of Christ located in State College, Pa is seeking a dynamic, full time evangelist and preacher, eager to help meet the needs of our congregation while assisting in the spreading of the Good News to the surrounding community. We are a congregation of approximately 35 looking to grow both spiritually and numerically. We are dedicated to the New Testament pattern in all areas of doctrine and practice of the church body, as well as in the lives of our members. State College is the home of the Pennsylvania State University main campus with over 47,000 students. We currently have no elders or deacons, and are at present being led by the active male members of the congregation.
The ideal candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word, hold fast to biblical truths, and be able to effectively communicate those truths for the edification of the congregation and growth of the church through weekly sermons and bible classes. He should also be able to perceive and dismantle false-doctrine when confronted with it. Additionally, he should be sensitive to cross-cultural issues, relate well to young people and be effective in handling family and marriage issues. It is preferred, but not required, that applicants have preaching experience, and are married with children. An individual with a Bible degree from a Christian university is a plus. Under the oversight of the men of the congregation, he (and his family) should be active in church ministries and in the lives of individual members of the congregation.
If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit your resume, cover letter, three references, audio or video media of two sermons, and a concise statement (1-2 pages) that characterizes your current ministry efforts and style. A competitive, negotiable salary, commensurate with experience and education will be offered. ($45k-$55k)

Please send this information either electronically or via direct mail to:
State College Church of Christ
405 Hillcrest Ave
State College, PA 16803

Phone: (814) 237-2077

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