Pulpit Minister

Sallisaw Church of Christ

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The Sallisaw Church of Christ in Sallisaw, OK is accepting applicants for the position of Pulpit Minister. We prefer a man with a minimum of 5 years of experience but all candidates will be evaluated on their own merits. A Bible / Ministry degree is preferred but sufficient experience in pulpit ministry may suffice. We are a congregation of around 130 people served by 3 elders, 5 deacons and a part-time youth minister. Responsibilities include preaching, teaching, coordinating our small group ministry and other normal ministerial duties. Please send resumes / CV to Dodsonmunro@yahoo.com.

Youth and Family Minister

Blackwell Church of Christ


The Blackwell Church of Christ in Blackwell, OK is looking for a Youth & Family minister to help us reboot a vital program to the future of our congregation. We are a congregation with an average attendance of 135 with 17 (6 thru 12th grade) and 10 (2nd-5th grade) youth from our church families. Our congregation has started a training program called “24 to Double” and our vision team has placed a lot of emphasis on the need for a healthy youth program. This year we are graduating 7 seniors, creating a small void between upper classman and lower classman. Responsibilities would include emphasis on recruiting and engaging youth from newer families to the program along with coordinating devotionals and events as well as teaching Bible classes offered to these age groups. Opportunities would include participating in worship through song leading and occasional preaching. The ideal candidate would agree to work closely with the preaching minister and administrative assistant in contributing to the task of promoting church growth through presentation software, internet exposure, video editing/online streaming, bulletin publication, etc. Along with a salary, we provide a 2-bedroom home with all utilities paid. If interested, you may contact Lanny Jobe at (580) 789-1029 or email us at blackwellcoc@yahoo.com for further information.

Preaching Minister

Bethany Church of Christ

Bethany Church of Christ is seeking a preaching minister to serve our congregation and be a guide in our spiritual journey with Christ. The minister would be responsible for teaching an adult class and preaching on Sunday morning, lead Sunday evening devotional/class, and teach class on Wednesday. We prefer someone with some preaching experience and has completed a 4 year degree with a preference for a Biblical Studies or similar degree.
We would like our minister to be married and who can connect with our congregation and community and will spread the Good News to all. We are open to both full and part time candidates.

Bethany Church of Christ is located at:
3301 N Rockwell Ave
Bethany, OK 73008

Please contact Jason Curry for further information and any questions.


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