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Grants Church of Christ, Grants, NM 87020

The Grants church of Christ, located in Grants, NM is a congregation of about 50 members. We are looking for a minister who can preach and teach, as well as help the congregation grow. He would also be responsible for working with a small youth group that has a lot of potential to grow.

The church in Grants is racially diverse and reflects the variety of ethnicities in northwestern New Mexico. The majority of the congregants are more mature in years, most whom attend on Sunday morning with a smaller number attending a Wednesday night bible class. We also have an ongoing and active Ladies Bible Study which meets on Friday mornings, via Zoom, from 10:00 to 11:30. Prior to the pandemic we had vibrant ministry at the local Good Sam Nursing home. We look forward to resuming this ministry as soon visitors are allowed again.

Our church building is centrally located in Grants and we have recently remodeled our auditorium. Grants is seated at the base of Mt. Taylor which is the second tallest peak in the state at 11,301 feet and lies within the Cibola National Forest. Mt. Taylor is heavily forested with Ponderosa Pine, Blue Spruce, Pinon Pine, and Aspen. There are large herds of elk, a large deer population, brown bear, turkey, and mountain lion. The climate is very mild with high temperatures in the mid 90's for a few days in July and lows below freezing in December and into March. We have had years with as much as three feet of snow in the winter, but those accumulations are rare. Most accumulations are 1 to 3 inches which disappear in a day or two. The Zuni Mountains lie to the South of Grants with beautiful Blue Water Lake perched on high mesas just to the North of the Zuni Mountains. Hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and four-wheeling are popular pastimes in the area.

Candidates should be married, with a wife who compliments his ministry. We would expect him to be well versed in the scriptures, have a love for preaching, teaching and discipleship. Interested parties should contact David H. Stewart at (505) 240-0680 or Salary and benefits will be discussed with the church leaders.

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