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Marina church of Christ

Proposal for Hiring a Preacher
The Marina Church of Christ is looking for a full-time experience gospel preacher, sound in the faith, fervent in Spirit and a true servant of God. The church is located on the beautiful Central Coast of the Monterey Peninsula. We are approximately 87 miles south of San Francisco and 268 miles north of Los Angeles, Ca. The Marina Church is close to Cal State University on the Monterey Bay, (CSUMB).
The Marina congregation does not have any elders or deacons and the services are managed by the leadership of the congregation’s men. The Marina Church of Christ averages 25-35 members each Sunday morning.
We, Marina Church of Christ, are a mixed social-economics, race, ethnicity and age group of members. With the college campus being so close the potentials are there for larger growth, therefore, we are looking for a preacher that is active with and without digital media programs. We are looking for someone that would be assertive and active with outreach of evangelistic efforts and community integrating programs.
We are able to support the preacher with a 3bdrm, 2 bathroom double wide mobile home with all utilities, (PG&E, Sewer and Garbage) paid, also to include cable, internet and landline phone service.
The Marina church will also provide a monthly stipend for support of $1500.00.
We are looking for someone who can either, raise outside support, is retired and only requires supplemental income or is willing to take a secular job.
We are looking for someone with strong Christian family values for growth and a shared partnership in the work between the evangelist and his wife as seen by the community, in efforts to attract many seeking the truth. The Marina Church is God driven, bible believing and is seeking someone that exemplifies the same qualities. We are an Acapella lead singing group in keeping with the truth, singing and making melody with our heart to God.
Bible Study: Sunday morning 9:30am and Wednesday evening 7:00pm
Worship Service: Sunday morning 10:45am and 6:00pm
Interested applicant, please submit letters of interest, a video of at least two lessons, classes or sermons to:
Marina Church of Christ
219 Cypress Avenue
Marina, Ca. 93933

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