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Camp Caretaker

White River Youth Camp

White River Youth Camp is looking to a Caretaker/ Site Overseer.

Pay: $1,300 / month

Must be a member of the New Testament church of Christ, in good standing in their communities, with a recommendation letter from the elders.
Person should be sympathetic with the WRYC and the purpose of WRYC.
Ability to work and relate to persons of all ages and various ethnic backgrounds.
Maintenance skills in grounds keeping, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.
Have initiative to respond to any job to be done in order to maintain the Camp in a safe, clean and orderly manner.
Able to live on-site as needed during the year.

To assume responsibility for the overall physical care and maintenance of WRYC.
Maintenance: Keep the grounds and buildings safe, clean and orderly for occupancy at all times. Be responsible for the following:
Keep the grassy areas mowed and weeded. (this will need to be done weekly during camp sessions)This takes about 14 hours.
Ensure all yard equipment is maintained in good working condition.
Utilities: Maintain in safe working condition all utility systems (gas, water, electric) and all equipment. Check on LP gas supply and place orders for delivery when low.
Caretaker is responsible for turning on air conditioners prior to camp use. Turn back to low setting or off as necessary to conserve energy. And change filters when needed.
Ensuring the pool is properly maintained to state standards and cleaned regularly. (The pool will need to be checked 3 times a week for retreats and daily during camp sessions). This can take 30 min - 4 hours.
Perform minor repairs on the buildings and equipment as needed.
When repairs are not able to be completed in a timely fashion or professional repairs are necessary, the Caretaker is responsible for informing Luke Bower of the needed repairs and contacting a contractor for such as directed by Luke Bower.
Attend regular scheduled planning meetings with the Board of Directors as well as other staff and committee meetings as directed.

During the summer when WRYC camp is in session, the Caretaker should report to Luke Bower to support the needs of camp by ensuring all maintenance requests are fulfilled.
Before each week of camp, the campground and housing should be “camp ready.” This will include cleaning the buildings and grounds, fixing any broken equipment from the previous week, and fix any new “eye sores” on the campground.
Report to the Camp Director: Any incidents of the facilities being damaged or any problems with campers. Notify Luke Bower of any major maintenance needs or repairs required at the camp.
Be available and accessible to Luke Bower to ensure all maintenance needs are cared for during camp sessions and retreats.
Some maintenance and repairs will have to be done on Saturday while everyone is gone.
A two room, unfurnished cottage located on the grounds of WRYC. This will include the cabin, all utilities, and the use of the washer and dryer. The occupants of the cottage are restricted to the employee and their immediate family.
A credit card will be provided for expenses in the normal course of business. All receipts, contracts, or delivery invoices shall be submitted to Board Treasurer or Luke Bower a minimum of once per week during camp, or at least monthly otherwise in off season.

Please send resumes to

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