Youth/Family/Education Minister

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Youth/Family/Education Minister

14th & Main Church of Christ, Big Spring

Youth / Family / Education Minister
The 14th and Main Church of Christ, in Big Spring, TX is seeking to find a minister who has a servant’s heart and will serve the Lord under the direction and guidance of the preaching minister and the elders of the congregation. You will have a supportive, healthy and unified Body of Christ to accomplish the main objectives of this ministry. The position will consist of helping lead and organize the teaching involving teens, younger children and their families in activities for spiritual development through enrichment, education, and family-based events.

The person we are looking for will demonstrate a Christ-like spirit that reflects the ability to connect with the youth, their parents, and those of the pre-youth group age. This spirit will mirror God’s love for all people and will help our youth demonstrate a love and an appreciation for the entire church family. The ideal person will have an evangelistic heart evidenced by personal experience and a Christ-like example of helping young children and teenagers grow in their relationship to God to the point of reaching out to others in the community.

While the primary emphasis of work will be with the youth and younger families there will be regular opportunities for assisting in other areas facilitating the church growth including preaching on an as need basis. We are looking for someone who is able to provide biblical and relevant teaching by being committed to the authority of God’s Word and the application of it in your personal life.

Qualities and Character Traits We Expect in our Youth and Family Minister
• Christ-like Spirit - Should be evident and reflective in all his relationships.
• Humility - The individual should be open to the direction of the pulpit minister and eldership in assisting the families of the youth and not his own personal agenda.
• Self-disciplined - The position takes a lot of energy so it is vital to have a servant’s heart.
• Positive and Patient - Valuable traits in teaching and training youth and parents.
• Responsible and Organized - Able to see a project through from start to finish. Camps, retreats, service projects, VBS, mission trip, etc.
• Biblically Based - Minister must be committed to the authority of God’s Word seeking to apply it in his personal life and in the classroom.
• Committed to Youth and the Church Family - It is important to be with the youth and assist the parents in the spiritual development of their children (both in and outside the classroom). Develop in the youth a godly appreciation for the entire church family.

Interested applicants apply at:

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