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Pulpit Minister

Farmerville Church of Christ

The Farmerville Church of Christ is searching for an evangelist for full-time ministry. He should be a humble, energetic, enthusiastic individual who will plant the seed of the Gospel, not only as opportunity presents itself, but someone who will seek out new opportunities in our community and promote continued unity and growth within our membership. We seek an individual who is spiritually mature, dedicated, grounded in the truth and above all else loves the Lord and his Church. He should have an in-depth knowledge of God’s word, hold fast to Biblical truths and be effectively able to communicate those truths to all age groups. Five+ years of pulpit experience is preferred, but we are open to consideration of all levels of experience. We seek a family man whose wife will complement his abilities and work side-by-side with him and become personally involved in the Church’s ministries and lives of the members of our congregation.

Responsibilities and duties:
- Preparing and preaching sermons for Sunday AM and Sunday PM services, a Sunday morning adult Bible class and possibly a Wednesday night Bible study
- Willing to assist in other areas of worship service as needed
- Seek opportunities to conduct personal evangelistic Bible studies within the community
- Foster spiritual growth and development of members through preaching/teaching
- Direct VBS with the help of our brethren
- Visit the sick and shut-ins at home, nursing homes and at area hospitals
- Hold a consistent schedule of office hours to be determined
- Officiate at weddings and funerals for congregation members

- Outgoing, family man with ministry experience and preaching in the Church of Christ
- Motivated by a love for God
- Excellent knowledge of and ability to discern scripture with the ability to effectively communicate God’s truth to all ages
- Ability to preach practical and engaging sermons in a clearly understood voice
- Ability to facilitate classes and small groups in a way that encourages participation
- A supportive Christian wife who is involved in his ministry and Church activities
- Love for and ability to positively influence people of all ages
- Spiritual counseling for congregation members as needed
- Experience working with youth in a Church of Christ congregation is a plus
- Experience using computer aids (ie Powerpoint, Paperless Hymnal) is a plus

The Farmerville Church of Christ is located in Farmerville Louisiana. Farmerville is the parish seat of Union Parish and is home to beautiful Lake D’Arbonne. The church was built in 1954 by a group of Christians from Farmerville who were attending worship services at the Wards Chapel Church of Christ located about 7 miles east of Farmerville. Our congregation has a long history (40+ years) of supporting Spanish Missions. Our average weekly attendance is 110-120 loving, caring, united God-fearing Christians.

Interested persons please contact Chris Strickland at one of the following for more information:
E-Mail: fvcoc@outlook.com
Mail: Farmerville Church of Christ, 306 East Franklin Street, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241

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