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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes to the left.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Ephrata Church of Christ

EPHRATA, WA CHURCH SEEKING FULL-TIME GOSPEL MINISTER/PREACHER/EVANGELIST Eager to help meet the needs of our congregation while assisting in the spreading of the Good News to the surrounding community.
Our last preacher went to Ukraine to help start a new congregation there!
"We are a congregation of about 40 members in a town of about 8,000 population in a
major agricultural area located in about the center of the state. The congregation
was formed here in the late 40's and we have two elders. For more information feel
free to email Church of Christ in Ephrata, WA at
ewacofc@gmail.com, or contact Allen Smith (509) 398-1784 or Rusty Hunt (509)
681-0218 Church web site: www.ephratawachurchofchrist.com


Church of Christ, New Richmond

Organization Description
The Church of Christ in New Richmond, Wisconsin is a small non instrumental congregation with an average attendance of fifteen. With a zeal for sound doctrine and a strong belief in the repentance of sin through baptism as the means to salvation, we are in search of an evangelist who is sound in the faith and is seeking to engage in the challenge of spreading God’s word in a growing community.

Job Description/Requirements
The church here is looking for an evangelist who is sound in the faith and has an earnest desire to preach to save souls in efforts to build the congregation by installing all positions of the church including deacons and elders to a completion of biblical standards.

We are able to offer $3000.00/month. We are open to one working outside the church as a means of obtaining further income.

Please submit resume to churchofchrist@gmail.com or feel free to contact Mark Knutson, member at (715) 497 7596.


Nikiski church of Christ


Nikiski church of Christ
PO Box 7033
Nikiski, AK 99635

The Nikiski church of Christ, a non-instrumental church, located in Nikiski, Alaska is accepting applications for a full-time preacher.

We are a congregation of about 60 members in rural South Central Alaska, about a 3 hour drive from Anchorage, Alaska. Nikiski is a place that is on the shores of the Cook Inlet, a place that attracts commercial fisherman, oil & gas development and a place that many love for the quiet rural small town feel. If you like to fish, hike, camp or hunt this is a place that can provide all of that. It is also a good place for snow-machining and cross-country skiing in those months when the snow covers the ground. We are about 15 minutes from Kenai, where most of us go to get our groceries and supplies.

The church here was started in the 1970’s. The building was built by the first members of the congregation and we have room for a little more than 100 seats, plus a number of classrooms and a kitchen for our Sunday potlucks. Many of our congregation have grown up here with a wide age range from a few babies, some elementary and middle school age, and a couple in high school. Many families are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

We are a congregation that is looking to grow spiritually, both in number and in leadership ability.

We are searching for a Preacher who has a passionate faith, can preach the word of truth, wants to equip and develop the church members, encourages the sick and elderly, helps to direct church actions, looks to develop elders, someone who can develop teachers, corrects false teaching and develops connections and unity with other congregations of the Lord’s church.

Applicant should have 3 years of pulpit preaching experience within the church of Christ, but all levels of experience will be considered. It is preferred that he hold a degree/certification from a Christian university or school of preaching. It would also be preferred, but not required, to have an understanding of the Bible in Greek

He should be outgoing but humble, energetic yet compassionate, motivated yet patient but above all love the Lord and be excited to plant the seed of the Gospel in our community. He must promote unity within the church and proactively seek out opportunities to share the Gospel with members and others in our community and a displayed ability to teach.

We seek a married man whose wife will take an active role in activities of the church.

Responsibilities and duties
• Preparing and preaching sermons for Sunday AM and Sunday PM services, a Sunday morning adult bible study.
• Conduct personal Bible studies and small group studies with members of the church and the community.
• Provide spiritual counseling for congregation members as needed.
• Organize Wednesday night bible class and mentor/assist the men of the church to teach and bring lessons.

• Outgoing, family man with pulpit experience and preaching in the church of Christ
• Motivated by a love for God.
• Excellent knowledge of and ability to discern scripture with the ability to effectively communicate God’s word to all ages
• Humble, energetic, enthusiastic individual to preach practical and engaging sermons
• A supportive Christian wife who is involved in church activities

The church currently does not have elders and so the men of the church meet to make decisions for the congregation.

We are currently able to support a salary of $60-70K DOE. We are also able to assist in moving expenses to relocate.

To be considered for this position, please forward your resume, some links to your sermon videos, and 3 letters of recommendations with their phone number and email contact information to:

Nikiski Church of Christ
Attn: Jeff Epperheimer
PO Box 7033
Nikiski, AK 99635
Or email to: jeff@epperheimerinc.com

Please put: NCOC Preacher Application – “your name” in the Subject Line of your email.

Pulpit Minister

Glen Rock Church of Christ

The minister is expected to be an effective communicator, preaching and teaching adults with a personal sense of conviction and passion for the Word of God. It is essential that he see his position as a mission rather than an occupation. His motivation should come from a desire to please God and his love for people. He should have a high degree of scriptural expertise and should use it to emphasize the bible in sermons and lessons which nurture, strengthen, and motivate the church body and our visitors. This should be accomplished, not only through scriptural exposition, but also by frequent relating of the scripture to applications in daily life.

It is also expected that the minister will be actively engaged in leading the lost to Christ and equipping others to do the same. It is essential that he has a heart that is concerned for the lost. In time he is expected to be involved with and be respected by the community. A seasoned evangelist with a broad experience base is desired. A friendly, warm personality is essential in all aspects of his ministry.

Visiting with those that have physical and spiritual hurts is also a congregational need. It is understood that the elders and the members are to share this responsibility. Loving compassion is the desirable gift.

It is desired that the minister be a visionary who can aid in leadership and ministry development that will help the congregation grow in number, love, and unity.

Masters Degree preferred
Minimum 5 years experience as Pulpit minister

Please send resumes to grockoffice@comcast.net or by mail:
Glen Rock Church of Christ
3899 Sticks Road
Glen Rock PA 17327


Pullman Church of Christ

Pullman cofc.org

A congregation of 30-35. We have two universities within 8 miles. We are looking for either part time or full time with partial support.
We want someone who can do outreach. If you are interested please contact Don Corner at 208-883-0805 or at Dcorner@roadrunner.com.


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