Matching Monday

Match a Million to Reach the Millions

Churches all across the rural areas of the United States are looking for answers to the declining populations of their churches and their communities. Recently the Church of Christ in Memphis, Texas, found a new, exciting solution to this problem. They realized that there was a large Hispanic community in Memphis and no church to serve them. Sunset teamed up with the local congregation to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community. With a brief campaign with Sunset students, many Bible studies began and three baptisms occurred. The church is now both challenged and encouraged by the new spark of evangelism within their own community.

God is working across our nation to win souls and bring life to those who are hurting and to those churches that are dying. Sunset is actively working to help meet those needs where we can and to help breathe life and hope to those that are looking for it.

Will you join us as we "Preach the Word" to a lost and dying world around us? Match a Million to Reach the Millions is not about money, but it's about souls. It's about partnering together to utilize the resources at hand to bring about the salvation of those who are lost and have never heard the Gospel. A generous donor has pledged to match up to a million dollars to see that the Gospel spreads. November 27th is known by many organizations as #GivingTuesday. At Sunset we would like to ask you to give to #MatchingMonday on November 26th. Gifts can be given online at the link below or by contacting our business office at (806) 788-3236.

Partner with us as we continue to work in both the United States and around the world, to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

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