Cyclone Idai Relief Fund

A church in Mozambique that has collapsed.

You may have seen the news of what has been called one of the worst natural disaster of all times in the southern hemisphere. Cyclone Idai devestated parts of Mazambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in Southeastern Africa. Flooding from the cyclone during the rainy season has affected many of our churches in that region.

Flooded ChurchFalling Churchdamage

Working directly with churches in Africa, Sunset is collecting funds to help provide food, medicine, and cooking fuel. Sunset has a number of schools in the region and made contact with many churches in January as we distributed the first delivery of Portuguese Solar Players. Through these contacts and alongside our partners at World Bible School, the relief efforts will be followed up with evangelistic opportunities once the humanitarian crisis has been addressed.

Please donate to help these churches recover and to provide for their neighbors.