Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


10/28/11 Lesson Two: The Faith That Saves Obeys (Ed Wharton) Listen
10/27/11 Lesson One: The Faith That Saves Obeys (Ed Wharton) Listen
10/26/11 AIM Chapel (Ben Clay and Travis Warren) Listen
10/24/11 Jesus Our High Priest (Curtis Baker) Listen
10/21/11 Family (Misha Kurko) Listen
10/20/11 Battle Buddy (Matthew Bogue) Listen
10/18/11 Man Up (Charles Speer) Listen
09/29/11 School of Missions (Recardo Reyes) Listen
09/22/11 What Are You Packing (Jim Bender) Listen
09/20/11 Evangelism in the Military (Ron Edwards) Listen
09/15/11 The Plan of God (John Fernandez) Listen
09/14/11 I.D. (Chris Johnson) Listen
09/12/11 Church/World (Keith Gant) Listen
09/01/11 Lifetime of Service (Ron Bontrager) Listen
08/25/11 The Sacrifice of Missions (Tim Brumfield) Listen
08/23/11 The Instrument of Missions (Tim Burow) Listen
08/18/11 The Heart of Truth (Ed Wharton) Listen
08/17/11 The Heart of a Servant (Gibby Gilbert) Listen
08/16/11 The Heart of Jesus (Ray Young) Listen
08/15/11 The Heart of an Alumnus (Virgil Yocham) Listen


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