Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


11/28/12 Mixing of Wine in Ancient Times Part 2 (Jim Harris) Listen
11/10/12 Homecoming 2012 The Charge for the Next 50 Years (Ed Wharton) Listen
11/10/12 Homecoming 2012 The History of the Past 50 Years (Gerald Paden) Listen
11/09/12 Homecoming 2012 Beyond Belief (Truitt Adair) Listen
11/08/12 Homecoming 2012 Who We Are in Christ Listen
11/02/12 Go (Tim Brumfield) Listen
10/29/12 Ukraine (Brandon Price) Listen
10/25/12 India (Tim Burow) Listen
10/23/12 Kingdom Treasure (Johnathan Ledbetter) Listen
09/21/12 Facebook Friendly (Gibby Gilbert) Listen
09/28/12 God of Infinity (Ron Bontrager) Listen
09/27/12 Deity of Christ (Kevin Haynes) Listen
09/25/12 God of Love and Wrath (Ed Wharton) Listen
09/24/12 One God (Victor Ellison) Listen
08/15/12 AIM (Kris Smith) Listen
08/14/12 What it Means (Truitt Adair) Listen
05/19/12 Commencement Speech (George Carman) Listen
05/14/12 Senior Sermon (Misha Kurko) Listen
05/11/12 Senior Sermon (Beau Hart) Listen
05/08/12 Senior Sermon (Anthony Brooks) Listen


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