Preaching Ministry Emphasis

A Sunset student preaching


Public proclamation has always been at the heart of Sunset’s training.  Each male student at Sunset takes the “Introduction to Homiletics” course, which is a study of the principles and practices of preaching, and includes a survey of the minister and his personal life. Each term students take a preaching lab to assist them in the development of preaching.  These include the following: 

  • Confident Preaching
  • Interpretive Reading
  • Topical Preaching
  • Effective Teaching I & II
  • Preaching from the Old Testament
  • Preaching from the Epistles
  • Special Events Preaching

Emphasis in Preaching Ministry

The purpose of the emphasis in preaching ministry is to prepare men to preach and minister effectively in an established church.  

Skills for Congregational Ministry

  • Public Proclamation of the Word of God
  • Personal Evangelism and Church Growth
  • Ministry and Equipping the Church for Ministry
  • Developing the Minister’s Spiritual Life


Advanced Homiletics
An advanced course in the study and preparation of sermons with a deeper study of the various types of sermons. The course is designed to equip the student to preach more creatively and effectively. Major emphases include enhancing communication skills and increasing organizational strategies.
Church Growth
The basic objective of this course is to study the tri-dimensional patterns found in healthy, dynamic, and growing congregations of the Lord's people (quantitative growth, qualitative growth, and structural growth).
Leadership Development
In this course we propose to assess the areas of needed leadership development within a congregation and contribute positively to leadership growth in the brotherhood. Objectives are to help each student visualize his or her own leadership potential, to construct a profile of what the Bible pictures as a strong spiritual church leader, and to promote a better understanding of God's leadership plan for the church.
Congregational Ministry
This course examines the special work of a minister in a local church setting. Major areas of emphasis include the minister's work, his interpersonal relationships, his spiritual life, and dealing with ministry struggles.

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